Isabel Díaz Ayuso achieved this Tuesday an undeniable triumph with political repercussions that go beyond the borders of the Community of Madrid. The Madrid president and PP candidate swept all his rivals and it won 65 seats and almost 45% of the votes, 35 minutes and 22 points more than just two years ago, when it was presented for the first time. His result knocks out a PSOE that falls to historical lows and is relegated to third place for the first time, while, at United We Can, Pablo Iglesias announced the resignation of all his positions.

The electoral result portrays the brilliant rise of Ayuso, who has remained only four deputies of the absolute majority, a fact that only the most optimistic polls predicted and that will allow him to revalidate his position and govern with the mere abstention of Vox.

The PP also achieves the best absolute data in history in votes, with 1.6 million, boosted by a participation that marked a record: 3.6 million Madrilenians went to the polls, 76% of those called to vote (twelve points more than in 2019).

In global terms, the sum of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos adds up to almost 2.1 million votes, compared to the 1.5 million of Más Madrid, PSOE and UP. Two years ago, that difference in favor of the right-wing bloc it did not reach 100,000 votes.

With the vote still at 52%, shortly after ten o’clock at night, Ayuso celebrated his vast victory on the balcony of the Genoa headquarters. The PP candidate, accompanied by Pablo Casado, celebrated that “Sanchismo does not enter Madrid”, predicted the start of a new political cycle in Spain, and issued a direct warning to the Prime Minister: “That way of governing, with hypocrisy and opulence from La Moncloa, its days are numbered. .

Mónica García, candidate of Más Madrid, and Íñigo Errejón, leader of Más País.

Minutes later, the head of the Vox list, Rocío Monasterio, warned that its 13 seats will be “decisive for absolutely everything”. But the truth is that it is the first time that Santiago Abascal’s party has slowed its rise, because his result has barely improved by 0.25 points and a seat with respect to 2019, and because the PP does not even need his affirmative vote for the investiture or to pass laws.

In the new Assembly, Ayuso will have more deputies than the sum of the three parties on the left, which lived a real debacle and barely exceeded 41% of the vote, the lowest figure in a decade

The PSOE fell from 37 to 24 seats, dropped more than ten points, and sank to 16.8% of the vote. Gabilondo assumed that he had not succeeded in making his “calm proposals” prevail and his results certified the failure of the strategy designed in La Moncloa by Sánchez’s team.

The leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, announces that he is leaving politics.

Unidos Podemos barely grew from 5.6% to 7.2% –from seven to ten deputies in the Autonomous Chamber– despite Pablo Iglesias’ decision to leave the vice-presidency of the Government to run as a candidate. After verifying that the sum of the left was “insufficient”, the secretary general of Podemos so far appeared and announced that he is leaving: “We have failed. I am not contributing to the sum. I leave all my charges, “he summed up.

So things, only Más Madrid had a reason for the celebration in the progressive bloc: the formation, which was born just two years ago, wins four more seats – it goes from 20 to 24-, it is already the second force in the Community and the main opposition to Ayuso. Their candidate, Mónica García, assured that they still have “room for growth” and stressed that they are the “alternative for the future” in Madrid.

Edmundo bal

Citizens, finally, was left out of the regional Chamber and his crisis worsens. After harvesting 12.1% of the votes and 17 seats in 2015 and 19.5% of the votes and 26 deputies in 2019, Edmundo Bal obtained only 3.6% of the ballots and, therefore, remained away from the 5% barrier.


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