Anabel Pantoja, destroyed in 'Save me' by Kiko Rivera: "You don't give me anything"

The family war in the Pantoja clan seems far from over. Although in recent months it is Rocío Carrasco who has managed to overshadow the confrontation between Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja, this Monday, May 3, the tension has intensified again, with Anabel Pantoja placeholder image as the great protagonist of the afternoon in ‘Save me’.

The niece of the tonadillera started the program in the eye of the hurricane after learning that her cousin had stopped following her on social networks, a symbolic gesture with which the DJ made clear his estrangement. “I think he takes it for granted that I am on my aunt’s side. And my last conversation with him was: ‘Kiko, I think you’ve misunderstood, I love you very much.’ And he replied ‘it’s true’. I could have made a mistake. I’ve always demanded your attention. I’m not upset, but I’m sad. I’m upset because I’ve lost him. I’d like to talk to him, but if he doesn’t want to. I wish him the best, I swear it on my mother “, commented the young woman.

Kiko Rivera: “What you have to do is listen to the truths and my cousin has refused”

However, what Anabel did not count on is that Kiko came in by phone to put the points on the i’s: “I characterize myself for being a sincere uncle, and I have stopped following my cousin because she does not bring me anything in my life”, He started saying, very forcefully, a few words that left Pantoja very dislodged.

Kiko Rivera’s call to ‘Save me’. (Telecinco)

I put aside my cousin the day her reply that she didn’t want me to teach her anything. From that day on, I understood that I didn’t want to be by her side, it hurts. With everything I’ve experienced, if someone doesn’t want to tell the truth, why have it around? “Rivera continued harshly. But despite this pain, the young man left the door open for his cousin:” It can solve everything and it has nothing to do with my mother. This is from months ago and she is wrong because I have unfollowed her on Instagram. Things can’t be compared and she doesn’t want to listen to me, she doesn’t want to hear the truth. I can understand my sister, and yesterday I was talking to her, and with my cousin things will surely be solved if we talk”.

Jorge Javier She was interested in knowing if she understood from that refusal to see the documents that Anabel Pantoja was positioning herself with her aunt: “Well, yes. Let him tell the children that, that he is neutral, but not me, who has not even listened to me. He does not want to listen to me for fear of knowing the truth, I know you don’t want to listen to me. I’m not going to tell him either with me or without me, but in the end we are human. Sure it can be fixed, but If she says she’s been lonely, I’ve only been feeling for a few months. She is like this because her cousin has stopped following her. I am wrong because I have a dispute with my mother and with almost my entire family. It cannot be compared, “Kiko would reply then.

“If you knew what it is to work …”: Jorge Javier, to Anabel Pantoja’s jugular in ‘Sálvame’

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“I come from a trip that has changed me. You hear from my cousin, my mother … And I do not want or have the desire to enter into disputes. I already tried to get in touch with my mother and I have not achieved anything. I have stopped following you because you don’t give me anything. What you should have done is listen when I told you that I was telling you the truth. You have not wanted to listen to me, do not be surprised that I stop following you. What you have to do is listen to the truths and my cousin has refused“, Kiko Rivera concluded.

After this dripping, Anabel exploded off the set: “It’s a war of hers with her mother, not mine. What am I not giving her anything? She’s going to tell me, come on now, man! I’m going to shut up … He doesn’t remember everything I’ve done for him. I have saved him from many bad people. My mother already told me, that I was going to end up paying for the broken dishes “, she said biting her tongue before warning that when her boyfriend comes from ‘Survivors’ he will go to the Canary Islands again,” and whoever comes to see me! ! “.

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