The election day Everything has been said and we can only wait for the decision of the citizens to know what they think of their politicians. But that everything is said and put in the balance does not imply that the representatives become invisible, quite the contrary.

The cameras wait for them punctually at the polling stations where they have to vote and despite knowing it, they do not always get their image right.

What do they think when choosing the outfit to pose at the polls?

We take out the magnifying glass to find out how their outfits have been and what they tell us with them.

Rocío Monastery

She has been the most intelligent with the choice of her look. Pulling a neutral color and running away from excesses is a very good option for those days when everything is looked at with a magnifying glass and where the naturalness of that citizen, more than the politicians, prevails. There couldn’t be a simpler message.

His slight mistake has been to believe that naturalness passes for a hair, let’s say carefree.


Isabel Diaz Ayuso

Today’s alleged naturalness in the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, better represents her age than some of her disastrous looks that recall our retinas. She insists on always looking 20 years older than she is in her clothes. Bulk error. Today I decided to wear sneakers, basic pants, and a simple white shirt with a trench coat. It wasn’t a great look, but at least it didn’t look like her grandmother.

The excessive naturalness of her hair, like getting out of the shower, and carrying her bag hanging from her shoulder even for the press conference have been her two slips of the day.


Angel Gabilondo

Ángel Gabilondo has been able to use with success that old political joker to demonstrate confidence and solidity, the one in the navy blue suit. Without a tie, yes, as a natural sample of a day like this.


Edmundo bal

Edmundo Bal has not complicated his life to choose his clothing, jeans, shirt and blazer have solved the ballot perfectly on a day in which it is not necessary to pull the suit if you do not want to.

The belt buckle was too big for a look like this. Yes it was worth to wear with those jeans, but not to do it with a blazer. A more measured belt would have been much more effective.


Monica Garcia

Mónica García’s outfit is not an error in itself, but her white blazer would have been much cleaner with a shirt without so much print, with firmer collars and with shoes that are just as springy as the rest of the look.

The error was in that mixture not well resolved.


Pablo Iglesias

If Pablo Iglesias is indifferent to his image every day of the year, today would not be the day to clean himself up. This, beyond a matter of taste or fashion, has a lot to do with urbanity.

The fact that politicians who represent a group of citizens do not take care of their personal image, what they do in their private life hurts us, leaves much to be desired.

Well, little more to say, her ponytail fatter every day and her outfits just as terrible. Absolute unconcern and zero civility. That’s the reality.


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