What happens in Madrid will not stay in Madrid

Vespers quinielism before the count on Tuesday night. With 20% undecided and the inconsistency of the vote due to rejection of third parties and not due to affinity to the chosen option, it is convenient to have the surprise factor. A capital surprise would be to deny the sung absolute majority of the sum PP-Vox. Two unexpected variants: one, majority of the left bloc, and another, the Citizens entry in the distribution of seats.

Nothing relevant in the mobilization of the vote not already mobilized. And nothing adds to the picture that the left have marched together this May Day (Workers Day). Or the Institutional bathroom of Díaz Ayuso on behalf of Dos de Mayo seconded by “the traitors to the people”, Iglesias Turrión’s poison dart against the participants in the commemorative act of Puerta del Sol. All except him, who preferred to campaign in Móstoles as Mayor Torrejón (“Spaniards, the homeland is in danger!”) with Goya background from the executions of 1808.

The only thing missing was for Iglesias to detect “the will to normalize fascism” in a statement by González about the danger of Podemos

Thus ends a debased and exhausting campaign. There was more truth in Ayuso’s snitch microphone (“I want it to end!”) than in all the promises of six candidates with a tendency to resign from reality. The hunger lines did not appear in the photo and the aspirants to govern did not wonder why poverty rates have soared in this region. They preferred parlor fencing over freedom or disorder, postal threats in search of an author and the stupid debate between fascists and anti-fascists, in addition to the noise of polls, ready-made slogans, lies and videos.

We only needed Iglesias Turrión to detect “Will to normalize fascism” in a statement by the former Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, in which he argues that Podemos is more dangerous than Vox for the health of the system. As I have no doubt about the proximity of candidate Gabilondo to González, I endorse the effects of the stone on the dwindling electoral harvest of a PSOE enlisted in the “anti-fascist alert” that in the language of Iglesias it runs as if only the traffic jam prevented, ‘mamita mía’, that the ‘nationals’ of Franco ‘passed’ the Bridge of the French.

In Moncloa, they made a wafer bread by forcing that turn in their candidate’s campaign. They lost the opportunity to make profitable at the polls the virtues of the “dull, serious and formal” man in a campaign brutalized by the extremes. In view of the polarization starring Iglesias (Podemos) and Monasterio (Vox), Ángel Gabilondo would not be the declining option that he is now. But they pushed him to participate in the hysterical hunt for fascists, which is like shooting through the smoke of history, and they ruined their chances.

Sánchez arrives weakened to the battle over the end of the state of alarm, which can lead to an absurd judicialization of the fight against the pandemic

What happens in Madrid will not stay in Madrid. It will transcend national politics because that is how its first actors wanted it. The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, according to his own confession, will take advantage of the triumph of his candidate and the weakening of Ciudadanos to proclaim a change of cycle based on the refounding of the center right.

As for Sánchez, he arrives weakened to the battle the day after. With slightly more than 10% of vaccinated, the promised lifting of the state of alarm for the 9th has the enemy of several CCAA. That could lead to an absurd judicialization of the fight against the pandemic for which the Government would be held responsible and, attention, in a PP-PNV convergence of immediate effects on the shaky alliances of the PSOE-UP Government.

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