The clothing brand launched by Victoria Beckham is very affected by the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. So much so that the businesswoman thinks she no longer has the means to run the parades.

It’s been a few years since Victoria Beckham made one of her dreams come true, that of having her own brand of clothing. The former Spice Girl, fascinated by fashion, designs her own collections, in addition to producing them.

But his brand is experiencing great difficulties. Already in a perilous balance before the pandemic, it has finished weakening the Victoria Beckham brand.

“Will there be a parade in September? I do not know “

So much so that the fashion designer said it was going to be difficult, if not impossible, to organize a show for her brande during the next London Fashion Week, spring-summer 2022 season.

One of the outfits created by Victoria Beckham @VB

She confided her doubts in the columns of the Evening Standard:

I think a fashion show is the best way to see fashion, to see clothes, to hear them, to see models wearing them. We’ve done our best to show it digitally but it’s difficult. Will there be a parade in September? I do not know. To be honest, the pandemic has affected my business. Could I afford to spend all that money on a parade? I don’t know, probably not. I am optimistic but realistic at the same time. It affected my business. I’m lucky I still have it, but running a parade costs a lot of money.

The Victoria Beckham brand well in the red

Victoria Beckham’s brand is based on an ethic that aims to be irreproachable and production methods that are as local as possible.

And the designer hoped that the pandemic would at least have the effect of forcing brands to adopt a mode of operation similar to her own. Without success :

When the pandemic started, I was hoping it would make the fashion industry fairer. I thought that we would all be forced to be more creative, that it was not going to be just a question of spending money on big parades and extravagance, of making journalists travel from end to end. other of the planet, but unfortunately that did not happen. The big houses always organize big parades, they film them and broadcast them on social networks. It’s great for those who can afford it… but for smaller brands, fashion becomes difficult terrain to compete.

So will the Victoria Beckham brand succeed in raising the bar? Since 2018, she would have lost more than 50 million euros, a hell of a sum that seems difficult to fill.

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