Khalid Mouamou has gone down in the history of the Basque Juvenile Justice System for a sad fact: He is the first teenager to kill himself in his 30s of activity. The official version of the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies is that this formerMena committed suicide on April 21, when he was left alone in his room in a tutored apartment in Guipúzcoa. Such version is rejected by Gihane, the sister of the deceased, who assures EL ESPAÑOL that there is something else after his death: “In the sheltered apartment they mistreated him and he was having a bad time, he wanted to leave, but I told him to hold on to obtain residence papers in Spain. “

The relatives of the deceased live in Morocco and France for which they have granted a power of attorney to Azahara Martínez, as his representative on Spanish soil, to Go to the Court of Instruction number 5 of San Sebastián and claim the autopsy report of this 18-year-old adolescent. In fact, Azahara acts as a translator in the three-way call between her, this newspaper and Gihane, where the sister insists that Khalid committed suicide because he was a victim of mistreatment: “We are awaiting the autopsy, if it reflects that he suffered injuries we will exercise legal action.”

Khalid was born on June 5, 2002 in Azrou: a Berber population, of 80,000 inhabitants, well known for its cedar forests and its crafts. “My brother arrived in Spain by boat more than two and a half years ago, he entered the Algeciras area, he was in a center in Murcia, Barcelona and the Basque Country “.

The provincial council took over his guardianship because he was a mena: a unaccompanied foreign minor, which he gave shelter to in a residence and began to work on his training to promote his social and work adaptation in the Basque Country. However, this young Moroccan did not adapt to the system because he committed a serious crime and ended up facing a Juvenile Court, which in December 2019 ordered his detention in the center of Ibaiondo.

The imam of Fuente Álamo with Khalid (c) on a visit he made to the Ibaiondo juvenile center.


This mena began its journey in the Basque Juvenile Justice System in these facilities, located in Zumárraga. The Ibaiondo center is the closest thing to a jail for minors due to its level 1 classification. The most restrictive measures of deprivation of liberty in Euskadi are met there. since the The profile of some of its tenants is highly dangerous, for example, the four alleged perpetrators of the rape of a teenage girl in a Barakaldo storage room, or the three accused of stabbing a married couple of octogenarians from Otxarkoaga to death.

“My brother was interned for a year”, as Gihane confirms. During this period the family made sure that Khalid did not lack anything and contacted a friend to make sure: an imam from the Murcian town of Fuente Álamo. “They asked me to visit the boy to see how he was: I went twice, I brought him clothes and food, I found him physically well and he did not complain about anything about the center: He told me that he was taking courses in carpentry and cleaning, “the imam details to this newspaper.

Proof of this is that in December 2020, the Juvenile Court positively valued the improvement in the behavior of this mena and determined his transfer from Ibaiondo to a sheltered apartment in Guipúzcoa to comply with the last phase of the internment established in the judicial measure. Khalid started a new life in this building where he lived with three other boys, under the direct supervision of a multidisciplinary team made up of monitors, psychologists and social educators.

“My brother started doing activities and practiced a lot of sports: swimming, boxing, soccer …”. In addition, in September he began studying at a Vocational Training center. Gihane spoke frequently on the phone with his brother and assures that he was emotionally motivated: “He had started the procedures in Immigration to obtain the residence permit and requested an appointment at the Moroccan Consulate to obtain a birth certificate and a criminal certificate. “

Khalid recently began the procedures in Immigration to obtain a residence permit.

Khalid recently began the procedures in Immigration to obtain a residence permit.


Azahara, please, ask Gihane if everything was going well for Khalid in Spain, why does the family maintain that his brother committed suicide as a result of alleged abuse?

With my brother I always spoke normally, but on April 16 I didn’t notice him the same on the phone and I asked him: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ And he said, ‘No, nothing.’ I insisted: ‘Khalid, I know you: what’s wrong with you?’ Then he told me: ‘Nothing, I’ve had a problem, my hand is bad.’ He didn’t tell me why and I had to ask him a lot until he told me: ‘I had an assault.’ I asked him: ‘Who did that to you?’ And he replied: ‘Two people who work in the tutored apartment.’ That day he also confessed that in the Ibaondo juvenile center, when he was an inmate, a worker broke his nose.

Azahara, ask Gihane: Why was your brother assaulted at the hands of two employees allegedly?

For a bad way of speaking and an argument.

Azahara, ask Gihane: What was the atmosphere of coexistence that Khalid lived in the sheltered apartment in Guipúzcoa?

– He has always suffered insults, bad answers and was not treated well. In the sheltered apartment they made life impossible for him: they insulted and threatened him.

Azahara, ask Gihane: Why didn’t Khalid tell you that he was suffering from alleged episodes of physical and verbal assault?

– He told me that he had not told me anything before because he was afraid of reprisals.

Azahara, ask Gihane: How did you react to such a confession from your brother?

I was amazed.

The family contributes to EL ESPAÑOL a photo that this adolescent took three days before he died and where he showed his sister the bandage he was wearing, on his right hand, because of the alleged aggression he suffered.He laughed at this property that the Basque Government manages through an association. Days before he died they sprained his hand“, denounces-again and again- Gihane.

The last two calls

That image caused this Moroccan, based in France, to begin to follow up on Khalid, calling him almost daily to find out how he was doing. “On April 19 he told me that he argued with the workers about the organization of the room and the cleanlinessGihane became more and more concerned and on April 21, hours before her brother died, she contacted him twice: at 10:34 am and at 11:02 am.

– Azahara, ask Gihane: What state was your brother in hours before taking his own life on April 21?

– When we spoke I was in Bilbao with a friend. Then we spoke again and I was already on my way to the bus station to return to the sheltered apartment in Guipúzcoa. A few hours before he died I was talking to him and he was very happy. Khalid wanted to finish the immigration procedures to obtain a residence permit and stay and live in the Basque Country, look for work and save to visit his parents in Morocco.

None of that will be possible because that Wednesday, April 21, Gihane’s phone rang and a Spain prefix appeared on the screen: “At four in the afternoon they called me to tell me that my brother had died and that’s it. I was in ‘shock’ and I continue like this “.

The Minister of Equality and Social Policies of the Basque Country, Beatriz Artolazabal.

The Minister of Equality and Social Policies of the Basque Country, Beatriz Artolazabal.


The Counseling of Equality and Social Policies, led by Beatriz Artolazabal, issued a statement informing that in an autonomous home, an ex-men had taken his own life, taking advantage of a period of fifteen minutes, in which he was alone in his room. He also detailed that A monitor on the floor found the 18-year-old, still alive, and tried in vain to revive him with the help of another resident.

– Azahara, ask Gihane: What opinion do your parents and siblings have about the version offered by the Basque Government of Khalid’s death?

The family assures and affirms that it has been an unwanted death due to mistreatment.

– Azahara, ask Gihane: Did those responsible for the sheltered apartment inform the family of how their brother took his own life?

– They haven’t told us anything. We are fighting to find out the causes of my brother’s death. Nine days have passed and we still have no information.

Consulate of Morocco

The suicide of this former threat has generated reactions on Moroccan soil, both in local media and among some authorities. In Rihanapress they echo the death of an adolescent under guardianship in Spain, calling it a “mysterious death”, and underline that it has caused “a profound impact and shock for the victim’s relatives.” From the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Bilbao they criticize that “the Basque Government has not yet sent us any information on the case.”

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies confirms to EL ESPAÑOL that an internal investigation has been opened to clarify the circumstances that have surrounded the death of the exmena: Khalid Mouamou. “You have to see what happened, everyone is being talked to to find out how this outcome was reached: it is traumatic“.

An image of Khalid that has become viral among the Moroccan population where they ask that Allah take care of him.

An image of Khalid that has become viral among the Moroccan population where they ask that Allah take care of him.


This spokeswoman emphasizes that what happened is an isolated and unprecedented case: “No person served by the Basque Juvenile Justice System had taken their own life in the more than three decades of work in the reeducation and re-socialization of minor residents “.

At the moment, from the investigation opened by the Ministry, this spokesperson assures that they have been able to verify that Khalid voluntarily asked to remain in the tutored apartment: “Once his judicial internment measure was completed, he himself asked the judge to extend it with a stay in the sheltered apartment until he finished his studies.”.

In the Ministry they deny that the boy committed suicide because of alleged episodes of mistreatment, both physical and psychological, by the staff who assisted him on a daily basis: “There is no evidence that he had any problem with monitors or users of the autonomy residence in which he lived, from where he went out daily without any restriction. Finally, regarding his passage through the Ibaiondo juvenile center, there is no incident either. “

The autopsy results will have the last word on Khalid’s sad end, whose image circulates among the Moroccan community with an inscription where they ask Allah to take care of him because in the Muslim religion suicide is prohibited.


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