The composer of Avengers: Endgame reveals the alternatives that existed for the scene of the portals that starts the great battle against Thanos and his army.

When the Captain America I thought all was lost against Thanos a voice tells him, “To your left”, a phrase that he himself said to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) on previous occasions. Suddenly Doctor Strange begins to open portals and all the great heroes of Marvel Studios, it is at that moment when the Captain America uses his mythical phrase: “Avengers Assembled” and the great battle begins. It is probably one of the most shocking and emotional moments of Avengers: Endgame and surely no fan of Marvel Studios you will never forget.

In a recent interview Alan Silvestri spoke about the scene of the portals of the film:

“The portals had a very evolutionary path. There were things that were tested but then the filmmakers wanted to go in different directions. But we always knew that this was based on the filmmakers placing a lot of importance on this sequence. They always knew that this had to be something really special, and it really had to capture this incredible feeling on film. This was to get the team back together, this is all about the whole Avengers event. “

Once Silvestri found his equilibrium, the track “did itself.” Still, music editor Steve Durkee placed an earlier demo of Silvestri at the opening of that sequence of Avengers: Endgame.

“So, things were tried, and then we ended up really pretty far away. I think it was our music editor, Steve Durkee, who put a demo of something he had done at the beginning of the opening of that sequence, where the people of Wakanda and Captain America are leaving ‘all is lost’ and is receiving this broadcast. So we all knew when we saw it, that this is what has to happen here. Then I started to build that whole sequence and it did itself. “

The sequence could be very different.

Other versions of the great Avengers: Endgame sequence were planned that would have started with “All the horns playing” Y “Choirs singing it”, but the duo decided to start the track with a solo trumpet:

“We had all kinds of versions that he had prepared for the orchestra. We had all the French horns playing, you know, the portals mimic the French horns and then we had choirs singing, and all of this, and then it’s like: Wait a second, there’s another version, it’s a solo trumpet. Here’s that solo trumpet thing again, right? And it is completely in the opposite direction. For we have this amazing revelation of the mist of hope and the Wakandans coming to save the day, and it’s a solo trumpet. “

Silvestri found it appropriate, as he saw the portals as a “construction” with the score building with each portal popping up until cut to allow Steve Rogers to finish uttering his iconic phrase:

“You look at the portals as a construction. You just build and build, and the keys change, and the orchestration is building and we, until that moment, where Cap says ‘Avengers’ and then of course we’re not getting anywhere near the next line, he gets it on his own. ” .

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