The Roomba for cities is called Trombia: it is the size of a car and cleans the streets autonomously

Robot vacuum cleaners have been with us for years and have found a place in many homes throughout the world. They are small, comfortable and do more than enough work. But what happens outside the home? Thrombia is the answer to it, and the result of combining robot vacuum cleaners and autonomous cars.

Trombia Free is the flagship product of Trombia Technologies. We are talking about a gigantic robot vacuum cleaner that is responsible for sweeping the streets of the city without the need for operators. Equipped with multiple sensors, the vehicle does all the work on its own as if it were a robot vacuum cleaner for homes.

The gigantic robot vacuum cleaner

According to its creators, Trombia Free has a size of 3.53 meters long and 2.3 meters wide. It does not have the speed of a Tesla, rather it reaches just 10 km / h and is in fact limited by the manufacturer to between 2 and 6 km / h when it is cleaning.

As far as energy is concerned, Trombia Free consumes between 6 and 10 kW, which is less than 15% than traditional alternatives according to Trombia. The vehicle is equipped with a battery that allows a range between 8.5 hours and 17 hours, depending on the intensity of the activity. If it is a high power sweep and continued autonomy is limited between 4 and 8 hours. Everything will depend on the lithium-ion battery with which it comes equipped: capacity of 45.6 or 91.2 kWh.


Thanks to the use of a LiDAR and multiple cameras and sensors, Trombia Free can operate autonomously. It moves through the streets recognizing the garbage to sweep it up and also recognizing obstacles or pedestrians to avoid them. Be that as it may, during the pilot tests you will be accompanied by a human who will supervise you and monitor your work.

For the moment Trombia Free has started operating on the streets of Helsinki. The company expects to undertake a total of 10 more pilot programs before the Trombia Free pre-sale begins later this year. They estimate to be able to send the first units to customers in the first quarter of 2022. Price? They have not wanted to specify it, although they indicate that customers will pay for square meters cleaned by Trombia Free and not a single payment for the machinery.

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While Trombia or similar alternatives arrive in Spain, a proposal regarding cleaning the cities we saw her in Barcelona recently. The city council will implement smart containers that identify neighbors. With this they intend to help to better know how much is recycled and how this impacts the city. They will also use electric garbage trucks, yes, even with humans.

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