“I like to have fun observing and drawing conclusions. But in a place like this where strangers mix, it’s hard to form an acceptable judgment. People can be difficult to interpret ”. Words of the protagonist of Sanditon (Premiere by Film & Arts this Thursday 6th at 10pm and the next day at Flow). She is a classic heroine of Jane Austen (the first scene shows her with a rifle about to fire) but with some notes that make her unique. The greatest uniqueness arises from the bowels of this company from the BBC. It is a transposition of the work that the English author left unfinished a few months before her death in 1817. Its eight episodes are made from the recognizable mold of the writer in which the ladies are favorite witnesses of what happens in front of their noses.

The effervescent observation of uses and customs britIn this case, it does not happen in the countryside but in the coastal town that gives the delivery its name. The place has all the potential to become a resort for the rich, powerful, careerists, handsome gentlemen and witty ladies. No one more insightful than Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) who came there invited by Tom Parker (Kris Marshall), the entrepreuner who wants to develop it. Each scene is used for the young girl to analyze some idiom, to be enraptured by all the paraphernalia and herself to be examined. “Healthy-looking but ordinary at the level of appearance”, describes her Lady Denham (Anne Reid), the main investor in the project and owner of a lip like that of the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. Another transcendent female character is Georgiana Lambe (Crystal Clarke), a young black, beautiful and millionaire called to break the structures of the place. There are, finally, three gallants in the main character’s sights: the inevitable libertine with a noble title, a foreman with architect dreams and the alpha male of Sidney Parker (brother of the spa ideologue).

The keys to Sanditon are in their self-confidence and aesthetic splendor, the reconstruction of the time, the dialogues overflowing with the wit (that verb that mixes cunning and malice) and the profile of its context: Great Britain has just defeated Napoléon and modernity is in the air. “This is the future!”, The German doctor graphs in a happening where they present a steam shower. There are also some spicy scenes from the sexual. Buttocks in the sea wind, the incestuous bond of two stepbrothers and a masturbation give a peculiar air to this work based on Jane Austen.

In fact, those responsible took the twelve chapters of what was the author’s draft as a springboard to imagine the rest of the sequences. The person in charge of the text is a kind of audiovisual executor of the English called Andrew Davies (Pride and prejudice, Sensibility and feelings). “There was so many adaptations of his books but this is a buried treasure. It was an incredible gift. She is absolutely Jane Austen but not in the usual way. That was our touch, “said his producer Belinda Campbell. Thus will be passed aristocrats and ladies of high society, parties designed to raise money, talks in large halls, walks in the woods and events on the coast. Always with some comment to the step of Charlotte that could continue with her habit of confirming the second season.


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