“It has been two years since that sentence and nothing, another government has nothing, and the funniest thing is that this government does not have to seize and negotiate anything with us, the sentence is already in place, and all it has to do is execute a sentence that it is already given, however it does not want and does not want to, because it does not want to comply with justice ”, added Claudia Hernández Mártinez, a victim of the events that occurred in 2006.

The two measures taken are compensation for the victims and the publication of the sentence in both print and digital media. However, they assured they remain “stagnant”, seven more:

The investigation of all those responsible, both at the state and federal levels and the chain of command.
Medical and psychological treatment
The act of acknowledgment of responsibility.
The creation of an independent observatory that guarantees that events such as Atenco will not be repeated
Scholarships to victims
Strengthening the mechanism of sexual torture.
The expenses and costs to follow as an organization that also accompanied women.

According to the lawyers of the Agustín Pro Human Rights Center, the period granted by the Inter-American Court to comply with most of the measures was a maximum of two years: “As of October 2019 he has been detained and they have changed at least three occasions of route for his operation.”

Likewise, they assured that with the contempt of the court they are not only promoting injustice, but also the repetition of the facts, since another measure not yet complied with is the creation of an independent observatory to supervise the use of force itself, which should include the Federal Police and the new National Guard.

“I believe that with the observatory we fall short, not only would the observatory not repeat itself, if it would not be to disappear in this case the law of the use of force, because the use of force should not be used, it would be to disappear from the streets to the National Guard that they have nothing to do here and all that should be documented and a law that prohibits government institutions from being used against the people ”, Claudia Hernández, a member of Mujeres de Atenco, pointed out.

Finally, they added that regarding the investigation of the events, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) continues without referring the open investigation against state police to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), who since September 2019 exercised the power of attraction in order to investigate the facts together, including the three levels of responsibility.

“This attitude of the FGJEM occurs despite the fact that an amparo judge ordered the review of this refusal in November 2020. Thus, the same court of law enforcement whose actions were evaluated by the Inter-American Court as lacking due diligence refuses to comply with the orders of the international court, leaving the investigation fragmented and hindering the possibility of investigating the chain of command ”, Sofía de Robina, member of the international area of ​​the PRODH Center, finished.

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