Cristina Kirchner praised Biden's announcements

The vicepesidenta Cristina Kirchner shared on Twitter numerous paragraphs of the message of Alreadye Biden days ago and gave it a quota of informality with a couple of “plop!”, onomatopoeia of manifestation of surprise, and expressions such as “does it sound like you?”

The president of the Senate said: “Surprises gives you life. I just read Joe Biden’s speech before the US Congress, giving an account of the state of the Union.”

“Why did Biden say all this?” She also explains it verbatim: “The worst pandemic in a century, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” added the former president.

“What, no? And that the IMF did not finance the campaign for (former President Donald) Trump,” he added with irony, alluding to the Argentine indebtedness of 2018 and the failed reelection claim of Mauricio Macri.

Among the paragraphs of Biden’s speech, Cristina Kirchner highlighted the one that said: “Good guys and women on Wall Street, but Wall Street did not build this country. The middle class built the country and the unions built the middle class. That’s why I ask you to Congress that approves the Law to protect the right to organize (…) “. And as a closing he put “PLOP!”.

He also highlighted the announcement of the proposed “American Jobs Plan, a unique investment in a generation in the United States itself. This is the largest employment plan since World War II,” according to the US president.

“It creates jobs to improve our transportation infrastructure; jobs modernizing our roads, bridges, highways; construction jobs for ports and airports, rail corridors, transit lines,” he listed.

“It’s clean water. And today, up to 10 million homes in the United States and more than 400,000 schools and day care centers have pipes with lead, including in our drinking water, a clear and present danger to the health of our children.” then added.

The vice president also highlighted that the US president pointed out that “the American Jobs Plan creates jobs that replace 100 percent of lead pipes and service lines in the country so that all Americans can drink clean water.”

“The American Jobs Plan is going to create millions of well-paying jobs, jobs in which Americans can raise a family, as my father would say, ‘with a little room to breathe,'” Biden further said.

Cristina Kirchner also pointed to the financing of that plan announced by Biden, who said: “So how do we pay for my jobs and my family plan? (…), It is time for US companies and the richest 1 percent of Americans start paying your fair share. Just your fair share. “

At the end of that paragraph the vice president wrote “PLOP x2!”

And he put a “does it sound to you” ?, when transcribing paragraphs on taxes, avoidance and millionaires: “We are going to reform corporate taxes so that they pay their fair share and help pay for public investments from which their companies will also benefit”, Biden said.

And he added that “we are going to close the loopholes that allow Americans to earn more than a million dollars a year and pay a lower tax rate on their capital gains than Americans who receive a paycheck.”

“We are only going to affect three tenths of 1 percent of all Americans with this action. Three tenths of 1 percent,” said the Democratic president. “Does that sound familiar to you?” Said the vice president.

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