Club Brugge and Anderlecht have been able to hurt each other, but not be able to finish in their first game of the Champions’ Play-offs. In a pleasant second half, Club needed a late goal from Dost to avoid defeat.

Club Brugge – Anderlecht in a nutshell

  • Key moment: Larsen’s 1-2 should arrive like a hammer blow to Club Brugge, but the leader shows resilience by equalizing the remainder in the short time. A vital point in the final settlement?
  • Man of the Match: Jacob Bruun Larsen hadn’t made a dent in a packet of butter in his first nine matches at Anderlecht, but tonight the Dane was suddenly in great shape. He recorded his first goal and assist in the Purple & White shirt.
  • Remarkable: Both in the Champions Play-offs and in the Europe Play-offs, it is scored that it is a delight. The four games of the first day of the final round yielded a total of 21 goals. More of that!
  • Striking (bis): In youth we trust. Kompany emphasized Anderlecht’s motto by dropping Bart Verbruggen in the starting line-up. For the Dutch goalkeeper it was his very first game with the pros.

View the goals from Club Brugge – Anderlecht (2-2)

Lousy first half is not enough

Both Clement and Kompany had a surprise ready for this top match. The young Van der Brempt was allowed to start at Club Brugge, while at Anderlecht the eighteen-year-old goalkeeper Verbruggen made his debut as a professional between the posts.

It was an intense game from the opening minute, but we were deprived of quality in the first half. Anderlecht’s defensive plan worked properly and limited Club Brugge to long shots. A swing by Lang could not disturb Verbruggen and a careful attempt by Vormer did not even end up in the frame.

The Purple & White did not offer much in return, although Nmecha should have made use of a misunderstanding between Mignolet and Kossounou. He couldn’t beat Club’s stranded goalkeeper with his lob. The best Bruges chance also stemmed from the opponent’s loss of possession. Lang aimed in front at the pass of Vanaken. For the rest, you could fill a modest container with the waste produced by Club and Anderlecht.

And suddenly Bruun Larsen emerges from Anderlecht

Smashing second half makes up for everything

The first day of the play-offs, however, guarantees spectacle and that came after the break. New Brussels loss of possession was punished very hard this time. Vanaken launched the attack with a splitting ball, Dost kept the overview and Lang could simply finish. A class goal.

Denswil’s 2-0 stuck to the post and so Anderlecht stayed alive. Kompany pumped fresh blood into the veins of his team with Cullen and especially Larsen. That paid off, because a few minutes later the signs were right again. The performance was slightly more difficult than that of Club, but the visitors also benefited optimally from the loss of the ball. Larsen served Nmecha, who knocked Mignolet out with a cracked shot.

The match turned completely over. The blues and blacks were in the blink of an eye and Anderlecht came up fiercely. Larsen slalomed past Mignolet and Rits had to save the line. A Cobbaut flame did not fly very far. Between all that purple violence, there was an excellent opportunity for the home team. However, she fell for the wrong feet, because Mitrovic clumsily scooped them over.

Five minutes before the final whistle, Larsen thought he had given Anderlecht a three-pointer. The Dane brushed his free kick right in the corner, Mignolet took a step in the wrong direction and could only grab desperately. Anderlecht seemed on their way to a copy of the victory against Club from a few weeks ago, but that was not expected from Dost. The veteran pushed the 2-2 next to Verbruggen. In the added time, he even came terribly close to scoring a winning goal.

Dost enters the field on the side where the ball is, Kompany disagrees

Mignolet calmly cuts out Bruun Larsen, just before the 2-2

  1. 90 + 5 ‘second halfsecond half, minute 95 match ended
  2. 90+5′second half, minute 95. Over! Oof! After a lousy first half, we got a fantastic second. After a match with constantly changing chances, Club Brugge and Anderlecht share the points. .
  3. 90+4′second half, minute 94. Replacement at Anderlecht, Zeno Debast in, Elias Cobbaut out
  4. 90+2′second half, minute 92. Amuzu has the decision on his right foot. His shot certainly isn’t bad and it takes a touch of Zipper to get it off course. .
  5. 90′second half, minute 90.
  6. 89′Goal during the second half, minute 89 by Bas Dost of Club Brugge. 2, 2.
  7. 89′second half, minute 89. There is Dost! Club Brugge will not give up! Dost equates with a controlled slider and that will cause a huge sigh of relief in Jan Breydel. .
  8. 88′second half, minute 88. Just like in the previous match, Anderlecht are clearing a gap against Club Brugge. Today there is certainly less chance and luck involved. .
  9. 87′second half, minute 87.
  10. 86′second half, minute 86. What a goal! Everyone had already written off Larsen, but the Dane is doing it for Anderlecht! Mignolet does not go completely free, but Larsen does paint his free kick nicely in the corner. .
  11. 86′second half, minute 86.
  12. 86′Goal after free kick during the second half, minute 86 by Jacob Bruun Larsen of Anderlecht. 1, 2.
  13. 84′second half, minute 84. Vanaken floors Amuzu and thus breaks off a promising counterprick. Lardot rightly draws yellow, an angry Vanaken continues to protest. .
  14. 84′Yellow card for Hans Vanaken of Club Brugge during the second half, minute 84
  15. 83′second half, minute 83. Cobbaut slithered down and Club Brugge got another chance to make it 2-1. Dost loses some time and then comes across a brave block from Miazga. .
  16. 82′second half, minute 82. At Anderlecht they will be satisfied with a point, I think. Peter Vandenbempt.
  17. 80′second half, minute 80. Mechele works Larsen’s foot in the same way as Cullen just did with Dost, but Lardot did not notice this kick. .
  18. 80′second half, minute 80. Replacement at Club Brugge, David Chidozie Okereke in, Ignace Van der Brempt out
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