"The Voice" : for Edgar, "Florent Pagny is a very frank coach"

Edgar, in the team of Florent Pagny, interpreting “SOS of an earthling in distress” during the Cross-Battles of “The Voice”.

TELEVISION – An unprecedented test for shock fights. This season of “The Voice” has many surprises in store for us, starting with the “cross-battles”, in which the young Edgar stood out, this Saturday, May 1, against Mentissa, from the Vianney team.

The principle of the great novelty of this season is simple: each of the four coaches has four talents. As soon as one of them has the hand, he chooses a candidate he wants to send on stage, then decides which team he will sing against. The coach of the other team designates, in turn, the talent of his team that he wishes to put in front.

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At only 17 years old, Edgar performed a monument of French song, namely “SOS of a Terran in Distress” by Daniel Balavoine. He was unfortunately eliminated by the public against Mentissa, now qualified for the semi-finals. For the HuffPost, the youngest of this season is back on his elimination.

How did you experience the “cross-battles”, an unprecedented event in “The Voice”?

It was a very stressful event because we shot it very soon after the knockouts. We were getting closer and closer to the final, so it was more scary. We also had a little less time to rehearse the “cross-battles” with our coaches, unlike the knockouts.

What was your reaction after your elimination?

I really had no idea who, between Mentissa and me, was going to continue the adventure. I would have liked to go further, especially to be able to do the shows live. But I am not at all disappointed. I’m even happy that I lost to Mentissa, because I like him a lot. I don’t mind if she continues in my stead. From the start we had created very strong bonds and we were afraid of falling against each other. I didn’t take this elimination with bitterness at all, and I’m staying completely behind Mentissa for the semi-finals next week.

Why did you choose “SOS of an earthling in distress” written for Daniel Balavoine in Starmania?

I chose this song because it is a huge risk taking for such an important step. It’s a song I’ve been singing since I was little and I really wanted to perform it on stage in front of an audience. So why not do it on that of “The Voice”? But during training and rehearsals I was very stressed, because it is inevitably one of the most complex songs in the French repertoire.

How was the relationship with your coach Florent Pagny?

It went very well with him. He always trusted me on my choices and interpretations of songs. Florent Pagny is a very frank coach, that’s why I joined his team during the blind auditions. I wanted to be able to know my weaknesses from the start in order to improve as quickly as possible and perform as well as possible.

After your elimination during this ordeal, did he come back to you to give you advice?

The concern this year is that with the health crisis, our coaches do not really have the possibility of coming back to see us after the eliminations. It’s a pretty complicated situation, but I got a lot of feedback through my vocal coach, which you don’t see on the show and who helps me rehearse backstage. Florent Pagny was very proud of my performance and found it a shame that I was eliminated. Which is normal, because I put myself in danger with this song. It was either it passes or it breaks …

What was the atmosphere like with the other candidates?

We were together all the time. Extremely strong bonds have been created between all of us. I have created a lot of affinities with the candidates of the Vianney team, for example, but also those of Marc Lavoine. We talk to each other every day on social networks, and in particular through Whatsapp. I don’t know if it’s only this year, but all the teams are really tight. There are no differences, we are together in the “The Voice” team.

Do you have any future projects in the song?

I really want to write and compose my own music. But I still need to be helped by other people for this because it is quite difficult. I really count on the contacts and especially the experience that “The Voice” brought me to try to continue in the music.

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