Mónica García: "If we talk about the real, we are capable of isolating the extreme right"

A doctor by profession and anesthetist at the Hospital 12 de Octubre, Mónica García (Madrid, 47 years old) has been the great revelation of this electoral campaign. At the headquarters of Más Madrid, it specifies some of the measures outlined in its electoral program. Unknown to almost half of Madrilenians at the beginning of the campaign, the candidate has been the only one who has not yet reached a ceiling in the polls.

Question. All the new parties have tried to outdo the party mother. Citizens, to the PP and Podemos, to the PSOE. Some polls speak of a possible overcoming of Más Madrid to Ángel Gabilondo. Do you think that possibility exists?

Answer. We are doing our thing. I’m not saying this in a presumptuous way. We’ve been at this for two years. We have kicked the health centers, schools, residences … This has nothing to do with strategies regarding the games that I have next to me. My only goal is that Ayuso does not revalidate the presidency.

P. They are the only party that Madrid has in its initials. What do you think of the incipient Madrid nationalism and the phrases such as “living the Madrilenian way” that the president has installed?

R. We are focused on Madrid. We do not consider it to be a platform for national politics. I think Ayuso is trying to sell a way of life to the Madrilenian that has more to do with living in the Far West. It does not reflect the Madrid sentiment. We have a diversity that makes us have an identity, but that is far from whoever can for himself, individualism and going out for drinks.

P. Thousands of elderly people died in nursing homes. A Community protocol denied them the possibility of going to the hospital. How did you experience this situation since October 12?

R. I said in the Assembly that the ICUs were full and they did not believe me. They denied the evidence of what we live in hospitals. We have seen people say goodbye on the phone and die alone. And then there are the older ones, who were denied the possibility of assistance and referral. In the residences there was a total abandonment. In hospitals, even though we were overwhelmed, we took care of the people who were admitted. This matter has been treated lightly. Ayuso said a few days ago that what happened in the residences was not tragic, but it is that the data on the excess mortality of our elders has been above the rest of the communities. Ayuso has learned nothing from the pandemic. It is not qualified to govern.

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P. What do they mean by making a sanitary cordon to Vox?

R. The best sanitary cordon is the one we are going to do at the polls. Monastery cannot reach a Governing Council. After a year of pandemic and 26 years of the PP, we do not deserve to have a party that represents hatred and intolerance.

P. But what does that mean, that when the Monastery speaks in the Assembly they are going to get up from their seats?

R. We are not going to get into your noise frame. They live from noise, hatred, intolerance of the different, hatred of the LGTBI collective, of women, of unaccompanied migrant children. There is a debate about what to do with the extreme right. Whether to refute it or ignore it. I believe that it must be contested and confronted and, at the same time, we have to constantly flee from that framework. We from Más Madrid try to land politics in everyday things, where the extreme right has no speech or solutions. What happens in health centers, in your children’s schools, in nursing homes? If we talk about the real, we are able to isolate them.

Mónica García, during the photo session at the headquarters of Más Madrid, last Wednesday. Carlos Rosillo

P. If it were up to you, would you prefer Ayuso to Monastery in the Government?

R. We do not prefer any.

P. But given the case, would you allow Vox to enter the Governing Council of the Community?

R. These elections have been called for Ayuso to change government partner and for Monastery to occupy a Ministry of Education as has happened in Murcia. It will have to be Ayuso who says flatly that with the extreme right, no. Ayuso is the one who has the impulse to govern with the extreme right, we have the repulsion. She gets us into a bogus debate. Moreover, Mayor Almeida has already said that he is doing very well governing with the extreme right.

P. Let’s talk about your electoral program. In point 144 they propose measures for conciliation, but do not indicate any in particular.

R. There’s a lot. I wish it would be tackled with just one. We propose a dependent child benefit of 1,200 euros. A 32-hour working day and plans by sectors. In Health we will have sliding and rotating shifts. If you don’t have a nursery school where you can take your children, if you don’t have support to take care of your elders, if you don’t have help to make it to the end of the month … the world of conciliation becomes impossible without all this. Now I can reconcile because within Más Madrid we take care of each other. That is what I ask of society. Take care of ourselves. At times some of us need more and others less.

P. They propose to reconvert the Zendal Hospital into a large health laboratory, but they do not say how much it would cost to carry out this transformation. This center already has a cost of 160 million euros.

R. We have been very critical of the hospital. Beyond the waste, this hospital has not served to uncollapse. This facility can serve as an innovation and research laboratory for patients, professionals and companies related to health. Our project would cost 40 million and we would give 900 jobs.

P. In measure 593 they offer rental assistance to those under 35 years of age, but they do not say what kind. Which would be?

R. Rent is a major problem in Madrid. The problem is with the tenants, not the owners. You have to regulate the market. We will regulate the tourist apartments for days and we do not rule out closing them in the center. I was the other day in the Plaza de Santa Ana and there were only 16 families left. We propose a plan for the rehabilitation of empty houses, which we have hundreds of thousands in the region, so that they can be rented to young people. In addition, we would recover the 3,000 homes that the PP sold to the vulture funds. You have to do politics like science, watching, learning, observing what is working. What does not work for sure is that the districts are eaten by tourist flats. We cannot lose the neighborhood fabric and the neighborhood shops.

P. Are you also considering a tax on tourism in the region?

R. It is not the first measure. We propose a new family tourism. Those families that have an unemployed member and want to come to Madrid to do tourism will be reimbursed 70% of the accommodation. Thus, another type of tourism other than drunkenness is encouraged.

P. In measure 727 they talk about the betting houses, but the proposal is not very clear. Do they promise to close those next to the schools? Won’t they give more licenses?

R. Yes, clearly, both. The betting houses are a hallmark of the misrule of the PP. I was surprised that the Minister of Health took into account the capacity of the bookmakers to measure the capacity.

P. Let’s talk about Culture. They speak of aid to the sector, but they do not offer figures either.

R. They have not been talked about during the pandemic and they have been an example. We want culture to be accessible to everyone. We plan to offer a cultural subscription. And, of course, that it is not only for Madrid capital, but for the entire region.

P. What would you say to the hotelier Ayuso is going to vote?

R. That Ayuso has left him in the desert without water and that when the desert has crossed it alone, she has taken credit for herself. It has not given a single euro of aid to the hospitality industry.

P. Has it been a success to advance the elections?

R. It has been an opportunity.

P. Unlike other parties, he has not been heard to ask for a single counseling during the entire campaign.

R. [Ríe] We ask for a presidency.

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