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  • On February 9, 2009, Miriam, Dani Martín’s sister, died at the age of 34 due to a cerebral infarction.

  • His death marked a before and after for the artist, who paid him a tribute with ‘Mi lamento’

  • Now, more than a decade later, he has returned to “toast her” with ‘How I would like to tell you’, a love letter

12 years have passed since Dani Martín lost his sister Miriam. From that one he had just broken with ‘El Canto del Loco’ and started a new solo career. But there was a moment when he thought “that he would not be able to continue”. A cerebral infarction had taken his soul mate with just 34 years. In full mourning, by way of catharsis, he wrote ‘My lament’, a song in which he cried phrases like “Because I no longer have you, you were my life and you are no longer here, I know you are gone.” And now, a decade later, he wanted to show her that he still misses her with an “open letter” in which, as the title of his single says, he expresses ‘How I would like to tell you’ everything that has happened since then.

Dani Martín’s song to his deceased sister

Home alone, this time “with an absolute smile”, he remembered when his sister made him mad and, after listening to the demos of his band, he snapped that “he sang fatally and that Los Rodríguez were better. “” You reminded me that the artist at home was mom and that the only close leader was dad, “he claimed, recognizing in Miriam the person who knew how to make him step on the ground in that crazy time when he was mass idol.

“How right you were, sister”, has assumed. Beyond the tantrums of the past Now he has understood that this ‘being against him’ made him “grow so much, try even harder, mature, learn to recognize my truth. “Because with those words I was” taking care of “,” wrapping up “him.

What Dani Martín discovered about his sister after her death

Over time, talking with her family about all the good things that Miriam Martín left in her life, Dani found out by chance that she actually had absolute admiration for him, “that you were proud of the brother you had. and that you even liked the tone of my voice. “The only thing she was looking for with that attitude was to continue having her brother,” not the one from ‘El Canto del Loco “, and that’s why” on Tuesdays you made me puree lentils or sea bass to the salt with so much love “, so that he would not forget who he was and where he came from.

“To me, at this moment, I only get smiles every time I remember you, when I take out your green fleece that I have in a box and smell it, when I hear ‘Good luck’ by Los Rodríguez or when we toast you, like this time, “he dedicated to him through his Instagram, just the day in the one that launches the video clip of ‘How I would like to tell you’, in which actresses of the stature of Mónica Cruz, Marta Etura, Nadia de Santiago and Lola Rodríguez have participated.

As is well reflected in this short musical, what Dani Martín wanted to do with him is “a tribute to the person who wanted to be a ballet dancer, a veterinarian, a unique woman, and he got it. “” It goes for you, sister, and for all those who shine like you and accompany us every day in another way. ”


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