With their backs to the camera and wearing their robes, they mobilize on Twitter to call for the depoliticization of the CGPJ before renewing it

One of the judges participating in the protest.@JudgeTheZipper

Many judges have mobilized today through Twitter to demand, once again, the depoliticization of the leadership of the Power of attorney and request a change in the mechanism for electing the members of its governing body before its renewal.

With their backs to the camera and with their robes on, the magistrates ask that the members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) take office through a mixed system – half elected by the judges themselves and the other by the politicians – and not exclusively parliamentary, as it is now.

The current mechanism admits the well-known exchange of cards between the PSOE and the PP which, in the opinion of the majority of base judges, inevitably damages the image of Justice, contaminates it and politicizes it.

With their protest, the group staged a malaise that is already chronic and requests that the appointments be adjusted to the existing standards in most of the countries of the region. Unin Europea.

This campaign takes place on a delicate day, because this afternoon the plenary session of the CGPJ meets to vote on the proposal to bring to the Constitutional reform the reform that limits its capacities when it is in office, as is the case.

I turn my back on those who want political parties to continue reaching out to the Judiciary. The CGPJ must be renewed, but first it is necessary to change the Law and comply with the European standards of anti-corruption and separation of powers, has published another magistrate, known on Twitter as JudgeTheZipper.

Neither blockade nor politicking, there are no excuses for the PSOE and PP to redistribute the governing body of the judges. Both must listen to Europe to depoliticize it now. The independence and prestige of the CGPJ cannot wait another day, points out the Francisco de Vitoria Judicial Association (AJFV). This message has been assumed by the magistrate Natalia Velilla, belonging to this judicial group.

This judicial group together with Independent Judicial Forum (FJI) They have supported the protest on the networks, which was born under the hashtag #ReformarparaRenovar.

Clearly for judicial independence and the separation of powers. Do not renew the CGPJ until reforming the LOPJ as required by Europe. Mixed election system already, has published the president of FJI, Concepcin Rodrguez.

Likewise, the campaign has been developed two days before the meeting that the representatives of the four judicial associations will hold with the European Commission for the purpose of the annual report on the rule of law.

The judicial career resumes, this time on social networks, and does so without complexes, since it has long since abandoned the discretion that for years was implicit in the toga.

Since the first strike of judges in 2009, where the magistracy shook the little vindictive essence that had been known until now, the collective has cultivated an awakening to demand changes in the functioning of the judicial vaults.

Today’s is another example of the intention of the race to continue demanding a change that politicians do not finish giving way.


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