PCM on Lomo de Corvina: "The dialogue worked in some aspects, but others are not negotiable"

Gisselle Huamaní, head of the Secretariat for Social Management and Dialogue of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), indicated that the dialogue sessions they had with representatives of the invaders of the area of Corvina loin they had some positive results, but there were points that were not negotiable.

SIGHT: PNP begins eviction of invaders in Lomo de Corvina

Speaking to Latina, he maintained that some citizens accessed credit programs from the Housing Ministry, but that there were others who had an intransigent attitude. Along these lines, he explained that homelessness is a problem that has been around for many years and cannot be solved in a few days.

“The dialogue worked in some ways but others are non-negotiable. We have spoken with several citizens of the place because this is cultural heritage and highly dangerous. We have made efforts to make them leave in an orderly fashionWhat they have been told is that support of another kind can be given. You have to understand that this is a problem that will not be solved in three days or three months ”, he asserted.

“We seek to make a work route so that the next government can attend to them. In this work we are articulating the institutions to be able to articulate a more comprehensive response ”, added.

He explained that, in this type of case, the Government at all times presented viable solutions and within the scope of the current management, in contrast to the actions of land dealers that take advantage of the vulnerable situation of thousands of people.

“We do not want to generate false expectations. The social programs available have been offered, we can see how to facilitate them so that they can access. However, there is a group of people who do not bet on dialogue. There are those who want to see opportunities and options, we want to create the conditions for them to leave peacefully, there are people who resist “, he detailed.

SIGHT: Invaders from Lomo de Corvina confront police to avoid eviction

This morning dozens of members of the National Police intervened in this area to expel the invaders. The occupation in the place began on April 11.



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