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Frequent fuel surges negatively impact drivers’ pockets. Although there is always the option of leaving the car aside and looking for other alternative ways to get around, such as on foot, by bicycle and even on public transport, there are those who do or do need to move by car, to move the family, for work among other reasons.

By following these tips you can save fuel, helping the domestic economy without stopping using the car. You just have to put them into practice to notice the difference.

Take the rack out of the roof

Being on the roof, the car must use more force to overcome the aerodynamics, consuming even more fuel. If you don’t need it, it is better to remove it.

It takes little weight

The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it will consume. Only carry what is necessary when driving, taking out everything that is not necessary, which often accumulates in the trunk or the back seat of the vehicle.

Avoid leaving the engine running

You parked, you wait for them to get in or out of the vehicle and you stay there for a few minutes with the engine running. That simple action can make the fuel waste more, even if you do not perceive it.

Still, keep in mind that constant turning on and off of the car can lead to wear and tear on the ignition.

Controls the pressure level of the wheels

Ideal tire pressure not only provides safety, it will save fuel.

If the tires do not have adequate pressure, friction increases during the movement of the car and, therefore, the consumption of savings.

Drive steadily

Avoid accelerating and braking in short sections. Also, driving at 110 or 120 kilometers per hour instead of 140 saves up to about 30% on fuel. Try to maintain a constant speed as much as possible, to make driving more efficient.

If you want to prevent slow driving from affecting the time it takes to get from one place to another, plan your outings, so that going to the runs does not hurt your pocket.

Avoid using air

Air and heating are known to run on fuel. The more you activate this function, the more fuel you will use. Every time you are about to use it, ask yourself if it really is necessary.


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