"Luis Miguel, the series": how was the singer really with his daughter Michelle Salas?

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The second season of “Luis, Miguel, the series”Puts the artist’s family life under the microscope again. But beyond the fate of Marcela Basteri, the role of the singer as a father will be the one that will take center stage, because, as seen in the first two chapters, it is in the nineties – in which this season takes place – that he became a father for the first time, although denied for 18 years.

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The journalist Claudia de Icaza was one of the first to report the news of the birth of Michelle Salas, the now recognized daughter of Luis Miguel. At the time, taking for granted the relationship between the artist and the girl earned him a lawsuit for 7 million dollars and 3 and a half years of trial.

In this interview, De Icaza recalls what was the relationship that the singer and his family had with the little girl born in 1989 and how fatherhood has become a gray chapter in Luis Miguel’s life, since currently, in addition to having returned to distancing herself from Michelle Salas, she also has no contact with Miguel and Daniel, the children she had in 2007 and 2008 with Aracely Arámbula.

-In “Luis Miguel, the great loner”, a book you published in 1994, you already took for granted what Luis Miguel denied for many years: that he had a daughter with Stephanie Salas. How was the case reported in that decade and what made you be sure that it was true?

At that time I was doing reports in the magazine “Estrellas” and there were many things that, to put it in some way, were about camouflaging. For example, when Stephanie Salas baptizes Michelle and they asked her if her daughter belonged to Luis Miguel, because that rumor was already spreading, she declared that no, that her daughter was from a boyfriend she did not want to mention, but whom we did know He was a boy of a lot of money, of society. But I’ll tell you something: Michelle is a lot like her dad. Obviously, I cannot put a DNA tag, but it is evident that she is the daughter of Luis Miguel. When she was little, he started seeing her for a while and took care of her, they sent her (home), bought her toys and such. Then something happened and Luis Miguel stopped seeing her. Why did you become an ant-eye in Michelle’s biggest years? That is what we are going to see in the series. I remember that in meetings I went to and in which I always ran into Alex, Luis Miguel’s brother, I would see him with Michelle. It seemed weird to me. Luis Miguel denied the daughter but the uncle, somehow, makes the relationship official because he lets himself be seen with her publicly. My theory is that Alejandro was the way for Luis Miguel to take a DNA test and remove the worry, I think he was the way to accept Michelle’s relative, because Luis Miguel has not given him his last name and the relationship of father and adolescent daughter who love each other did not last long, because right now they don’t even speak to each other.

Macarena Achaga will be Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel
Macarena Achaga will be Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, in “Luis Miguel, the series”, second season. (Photo: Netflix)

– In an interview that you do with him in 1989 and that is part of your book, Luis Miguel says that he would like to start a family and not repeat the mistakes of his parents’ marriage, but in the end he ends up being as bad a father as Luis Rey. Do you think it will make a mea culpa in the series?

Well, I wish I did. Because in the first season we were all victimizers of Luis Miguel, even I who date a character. He was the white dove. I do not know how they are going to raise it now, but in the second season it is already very difficult for the writers, because Luis Miguel can no longer pass for the exploited child. There are some acts that are his and in which he has to give explanations, such as his estrangement from Michelle Salas, who in the trailer looks like the actress who plays his daughter asks him why he left. About his other children too. They told me that they are going to camouflage the character of Aracely Arámbula. They will imply that it is her without saying that it is her. That seems very crazy to me, because I think that part of the reason for this series is to open up and say: I suffered and that is why I have closed myself and I have been a myth, but we would also have to give an explanation to so many questions that we ask ourselves . When I asked him if he was a boy damaged by his parents who had made him feel guilty about his divorce, he told me that he would not do the same to his children as they did to him. I don’t think he did anything worse than his dad because you see that his dad is the villain of villains, the one who exploited him and led him to addiction. Luis Miguel has not done that, but the absence also breaks, and Luis Miguel with his absence has also broken the axis of his children.

– In this season, in which the character of Luisito Rey will no longer be, does Luis Miguel have to be the villain in his own story?

Yes, because just as there are people who do things that harm us, we also do things that harm other people. Luis Miguel is already in his 50s, it is time to assume certain things that he has done wrong in life. It no longer matters how he treated his mother or Stephanie Salas, because the treatment he gives her in the series is despicable, he put her as the woman he drank, she hung up on him and is looking to fit in a child, and he allowed it. That means that he does not assume his guilt or responsibilities.

When she turned 18, Michelle Salas began to show herself in public with Luis Miguel.  (Photo: Archive / Agencies)
When she turned 18, Michelle Salas began to show herself in public with Luis Miguel. (Photo: Archive / Agencies)

– Is it true that Aracely Arámbula played an important role for Luis Miguel to recognize Michelle Salas?

I can assure you that it is. There is a very short time between recognizing her and announcing the announcement that she is expecting her first child with Aracely. At the press conference where he makes the announcement, a reporter asks him about Michelle and he completely derives the question and plays nice and talks about what name his son is going to wear and the whole thing. But if someone weighed in so that Luis Miguel had a contact with his daughter Michelle, and I think Michelle herself has said it, that is Aracely Arámbula. In fact, Michelle somehow has to have a certain relationship with Aracely because her brothers are her brothers and she is not going to lose the connection because her father wants to move on with his life.


Luis Miguel, the series”Premiered its first two chapters on April 18 on Netflix. The season will consist of 8 episodes that will premiere every Sunday on the platform. The final episode will air in June.


We interview Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro, biographers of Luis Miguel.  (Source: El Comercio)
We interview Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro, biographers of Luis Miguel. (Source: El Comercio)



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