Francisco Pomares, the CC candidate for the RTVC, falsified his curriculum to win a teaching position at the University

The candidate of Canary Coalition to occupy a position in the new Radio and Television Control Board, Francisco Pomares, presented two fake certificates in the selection process and merit contest to access a teaching position at the Faculty of Journalism of the University of La Laguna. The fact, which could have criminal consequences, for a alleged crime of document falsification, will force the University of La Laguna to take action on the matter this week and open an urgent information file, according to the academic sources consulted by the DIARIO, in order to review the file of the merit contest in which the journalist to be awarded the place called DL0455 in the list of jobs at the academic institution.

The events date back to September 2014, when the Human Resources Service of the University summoned a professorship to teach classes at the Faculty of Journalism. Said position was arranged through a merit contest, in which a score of candidates presented their CVs, accompanied by the corresponding academic qualifications and professional certifications related to the jobs carried out throughout their working lives in companies. related to journalistic and audiovisual activity. Among the certificates provided by Pomares, there are two false documents, one with the letterhead of a well-known film and television production company, and the second certificate, also false, in which the graphic image of the company that issues it does not even appear. Scribbles are inserted in both documents by way of signature, which in no way coincide with the authenticated rubrics of the directors of these companies and the seals of said companies.

At the request of the General Secretariat of the University of La Laguna, the then Head of the Teaching Resources Section of the institution, Avelina Díaz Padrón, sent an official communication to the Rectorate with the pertinent official entry record, literally stating that, “to the In view of the request made by that General Secretariat, once the indicated file has been reviewed, a copy of the certificates of the company Plató del Atlántico and Report Line Production Audiovisual is attached, which appear in the file of Mr. Francisco Pomares Rodríguez to attend to the DL0455 square ”. Neither company issued these certificates, as they have never had any professional relationship with the journalist. The management of these mercantile companies describes as “gross falsification and manipulation” of the documents that appear in the report of the journalist’s merits. According to the false documents provided by the candidate to fill the position of professor, he would have carried out jobs in two different audiovisual production companies, and his alleged responsibilities and professional attributions in different projects carried out by these companies are even detailed in detail. In the first of them, dated September 16, 2014, the production director of the Report Line Production company, according to the document discovered, certifies that Pomares held the position of ‘Director’s Advisor’ for that company in a well-known international film production. In the second certificate, dated six days later, on September 22 of the same year, it is literally stated that “Mr. Pomares has held the Directorate of Development of Projects for television in this company in the years 2005 and 2006”. Both certificates contain company seals and signature scribbles that differ radically from the actual rubrics of the directors of both companies.

Complaint before the rector

These anomalies were brought to the attention of the former rector of the University, Antonio Martinón Cejas, through a notarial request, through which the Administrator of the affected companies literally informed the highest academic authority of La Laguna the following: “… according to We have come to our attention through professors who have participated in the selection process, by Mr. Francisco J. Pomares Rodríguez, associate professor of the Department of Communication Sciences and Social Work, use of documentation that seriously compromises to the companies that I represent, in order to accredit the merits that were required to obtain their teaching position in that academic institution ”. In that same notarial request, the administrator of these two production companies adds: “Given the evidence that Mr. Pomares provided documentation from such companies, and that it could have been used without proving its authenticity, putting it In question the accuracy of the documentation, and therefore, seriously damaging them, is why by means of this letter, you are required again to proceed to deliver the full copy of the awarding of the teaching position in question, as well as the resolution of the court that evaluated the corresponding merits ”.

From the management of both production companies it is reported that obtaining the certification from the University of La Laguna was achieved after an arduous work of insistence that required several notarial requirements, since for months, both the dean of the faculty and the Rectorate itself , ignored the request to provide a copy of the false documents that are in the Pomares file. After several warnings, also issued by notarial means, the Rectorate proceeded to confirm the existence of said documents and provide the requested copies.

Fake signatures

From the management of the two companies it is reported that the signatures that appear on the documents are “flatly false” and, furthermore, they assure that “this man has never visited our facilities and, far from it, has held any position of responsibility in this house, not even any collaboration ”. The Production Director who signs one of the manipulated certificates indicates that “she knows this man only by vague references in some of his appearances in the media, but that she has never seen him in person.” The affected production companies state that they do not know how Francisco Pomares or any other person has been able to make these manipulated documents and trust that the facts will be clarified by the University of La Laguna, which could be classified as false documents, a crime collected and severely punished in the Spanish Penal Code.

Sources from the Rector’s Office of the University of La Laguna told the DIARIO that, with all certainty, this same week the request for investigation made at the time by the two affected companies will be addressed, in order to debug responsibilities and clarify what happened, without ruling out no consequence or the transfer of these anomalies to the corresponding judicial body.

The regional Parliament begins this morning the suitability interviews with the different candidates proposed by the different political groups of the Chamber to be appointed soon (if they pass this first test), members of the Control Board of the Public Entity Radiotelevisión Canaria . Francisco Pomares was proposed last week by the Canary Islands Coalition as its ideal candidate to occupy one of the seven positions of the RTVC control body, which will also have an important economic remuneration from the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community.

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