Antonia Dell'Atte supports what Rocío Carrasco said about Alessandro Lequio and calls him "abuser" Y "you liar"

“Dog does not eat dog” was the expression used by Rocío Carrasco to describe Alessandro Lequio, referring to that he sees the collaborator of Ana Rosa’s program very similar to Antonio David. “I have never been reported for abuse“, answered him last Thursday and again showed contrary to what Rociíto told. However, Antonia Dell’Atte has wanted to pronounce to point out the count of liar and second the words of Rocío Carrasco.

“30 years of lies defending the indefensible! The hypocrisy and misogyny of certain press in hiding my truth, that of my executioner …”, criticized this weekend the model on her Instagram account. “My ex-abuser Alessandro Lequio, you are part of a media circus. I have taken my evidence of the facts in court, not to a set where parallel trials are held … “.

“Thanks to all the people who believe me, but those who have believed me have been on Thursdays,” he said in a post in which he shared Lequio’s intervention in Ana Rosa’s program and a fragment of a his interview from 2014 in which his sentence was discussed and of a lawsuit that Alessandro filed, and lost, for insults and slander towards her for calling him an abuser.

Justice has said that this individual is an abuser. If they are consistent in the place where he works, I hope they will kick him out of that television station “, said the former Count Lequio in that interview. But it was not like that, and for that reason Dell’Atte also has criticized certain faces of Telecinco.

“Dedicated to all and all my detractors and accomplices who have covered up the pure and sacred truth. First, Maria Teresa Campos and Ana Rosa Quintana, my examiga who has betrayed me. Do you remember that we started the fight against gender violence together on Antena 3? Was it all a sham to use me? “He criticized.” Also Maria Patiño and there are many more, put the names yourselves “.

The exaspiring of MasterChef Celebrity also shared the lawsuit for “physical and mental abuse” that was filed against Alessandro Lequio in 1991, denounces that retirement “not because he deserves your forgiveness”, but because she “deserves peace”.

“For all abused women the only thing I can say is that they obtain evidence, and that they have the courage to report and, above all, that mistreatment never prescribes before the law“he proclaimed.

“You cannot say to a woman who has been abused ‘shut up, you are prettier’. No, enough of gender violence! We say to the macho men: ‘Be quiet, you are more handsome,’ “she added.

This Monday, Antonia Dell’Atte uploaded a video in which she continued her message against her ex and pointed out that they had “set up a circus to harm her year after year” and went to Alessandro directly to tell him that he had to get down on his knees andapologize to the entire audience for the lies“which he has” been sowing in all this long time. “

“First, to the mother of your child, which is me. You have mistreated me, you have said it yourself,” he assured. “I filed a complaint, I took it away not to take you to trial because you asked me 30 years ago and to protect our son“.

“Get on your knees and apologize to all the abused women, to all those who have died for obtaining evidence and have not denounced,” he asked. “Since you don’t do it, I apologize to all the battered women, because the devil doesn’t apologize“.

Gender violence does not have party colors, neither white, nor black, nor red, nor from the right, nor from the left, nor from the center, “defended Antonia Dell’Atte.” All women have to raise our voices. “


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