The measured outburst of Rocío Monasterio, the candidate who was always comfortable in the fight

Those who have treated her in short say that Rocío Monastery has a couple of hallmarks: the first is meticulousness. It comes, they say, from her job as an architect. That it has everything measured to the millimeter. That leaves nothing to improvisation. That even the household chores that her 4 children have to do at home are controlled in a table; then they are exchanged for time to play the game console.

The second is that he always smiles. It’s almost like a tic. She smiles when she’s happy and when she’s angry. When she listens receptively or when she does it badly. Always the same. What Nicolas cage, but smiling.

For this reason, these same sources say, what happened in the SER debate was not by chance. That muddying the campaign in this way was also part of the plans of the ultra-rightists. Everything planned and calculated. Diaz Ayuso swept in the polls, Abascal’s were losing ground and needed a hit. It was dealt by the Monastery in the radio debate. He questioned the veracity of the threats to the Podemos candidate and Minister Marlaska, told Iglesias to get out of Spain and called the moderator an activist. Without respecting the turn to speak and without stopping to smile, with a sneer.

Two students kiss in front of Rocío Monasterio, Ignacio Arsuaga and Hazte Oír’s bus.


Rocío Monasterio, in addition to being the VOX candidate for the Community of Madrid, is the ideal figure to undertake this forward flight. In this case towards the mud. It is because it is in the DNA. Her hatred of the left was born long before her. Because he comes from a family of landowners who emigrated to Cienfuegos (Cuba) and lost their properties when the revolution triumphed. They owned a thriving business (the Central Sugar of the Gulf), were accused of being slave traders and expropriated in 1959.

When i left cuba

Antonio, Rocío’s father, did not leave the island immediately. He remained there for two years until in 1961 he had to flee. The regime shot two of his friends and he hid a third in his home. He crawled so that no one could see him. Vanity Fair says that one day Antonio went out to buy a sack of rice to prepare food and the shopkeeper told him: “The one you have at home is giving you away. “ Monastery did not return to his home and two days later he took a plane to Spain.

And although Rocío Monasterio was born in Madrid in 1974, that family resentment born in Cuba in the 1960s is still entrenched. Rocío, a good student educated in various Opus Dei schools, grew up with this rejection of communism, socialism, the left and everything that the regime that expelled them from the sugar factory’s paradise represented. She is still obsessed: “My Cuban gene detects communists at a distance”, declared in an interview with La Razón in 2020.

One of the houses of the Sugar Mill in Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1913.

One of the houses of the Sugar Mill in Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1913.

Rocío Monasterio is the ideal figure to mess up the game because it is in the crash where she is comfortable. Although he has kept a relatively low profile in recent times, it is not the first time he has given the note at a public event. He showed it on May 27, 2017, when he sneaked into a conference by Carles Puigdemont at the Europa Forum (Madrid). He stood in front of the stage and took out some handcuffs. An activist rather than a politician, she did it motu proprio and they ended up kicking her out of the event. It was already the number 2 of VOX in Madrid, but in the TVE news they referred to it as “A spontaneous one.”

Rocío Monasterio had been in the background for a while. The prominence has ranged from Abascal a Ortega Smith, passing through Ignacio Garriga in the Catalan elections. But almost like a sleeping cell, Monastery immediately picked up the glove of blotting out the Madrid campaign. He dressed in unabomber and set everything on fire. And that visibility strategy seems to have paid off. In the end, VOX has ended up being the right-wing party that has marked the agenda the most in recent days. Two debates canceled. And Rocío Monasterio, the most typed name on social networks. The visibility battle has been won.

Rocío’s chickens

Riding the chicken is also carried by Rocío Monasterio in her DNA. His father was the one who brought to Spain the first franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He did so in the 1970s, when the Monastries, expelled from Cuba and taken from all their possessions, undertook numerous businesses in Madrid. One Sunday a month, the prize that little Rocío and her three brothers received was to go to eat at the KFC.

The Vox candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, makes an intervention in the electoral act of the party in Fuenlabrada.

The Vox candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, makes an intervention in the electoral act of the party in Fuenlabrada.


Rocío is obsessed with the left as well as the Menas or the LGTBI collective. Remembered is his episode in which he joined the so-called Platform for Freedoms, the union of fifty conservative civil associations, catholic, pro-life, large families and separated parents, which opposed the Comprehensive Protection Law against LGTBiphobia previously approved by the Madrid Assembly. An association that defended (through its spokesperson Lourdes mendez, then in the PP and now in VOX) the right to have “treatments to reverse sex towards heterosexuality.”

He could also be seen, smiling, stopping that orange bus that the ultraconservative association started Make yourself heard and that it circulated showing that message “Boys have a penis, girls have a vulva”. There was the president of the entity, Ignacio Arsuaga, shouting slogans with a megaphone. And also Rocío Monasterio in the background, wearing a blue jacket and smiling.

More saraos: on November 7, 2015, Monasterio stood in a feminist demonstration “against sexist terrorism” that was taking place in Madrid. She, along with eight other people, counterprogrammed. He was walking through a double police cordon holding a banner that could be read “Violence has no gender.” Despite the insults and shouts received, and the police recommendations to leave there, the Monastery was firm: “I’m not leaving here.” Since then, and after that provocation, Rocío is known in the party as ‘the scourge of feminzais’.

The wives with Puigdemont, the bullets in the debate, the provocations to the feminists and the treatments against homosexuality. Monastery is a regular in all these puddles. A staging that perfectly complements the dramatizations of Pablo Iglesias. The new policy.

What do the founders think?

A staging quite far from what VOX came to be in its beginnings. Little remains of the approach of those founders who wanted to make VOX “a right-wing, liberal and conservative alternative, which would go where that soft PP who, for example, never reformed the Law of the Council of the Judicial Power,” he recalls now Aleix Vidal-Quadras, one of those founders.

The Catalan, already retired from the party and from political life, refers to the campaign and the regional elections as “The Battle of Madrid”. He declares the threats with bullets in the mail “are reprehensible. Because threats have to be condemned ”. But he also warns that “they must be condemned in all cases; What cannot be is that if they are against VOX they will be cheered and against Podemos they will be condemned. And it is this left that has established this dynamic of provocation; a civil war atmosphere, a nostalgia for 36 that is deadly for society. Wanting to win the war 80 years later with intimidation endangers social peace. And well, we are talking about the bullets, when this left has accepted Bildu as a pet ”.

Rocío Monasterio, Santiago Abascal and Javier Ortega Smith, in a file image.

Rocío Monasterio, Santiago Abascal and Javier Ortega Smith, in a file image.


In similar terms it is expressed Ignacio Camunas, another of the founders of VOX who was a minister with the UCD in the time of Adolfo Suárez. Nor does he belong to the party anymore, but he insists that “there is no VOX drift, it is not VOX who is causing. If someone has provoked it is the left. This of threats and the debate is pure campaign, it is to stay in the anecdote. VOX has become the annoying actor, in a political situation that has nothing to do with the one that existed in Spain until 2014. Until then, the left was different. The PSOE is radicalized with the arrival of Zapatero and enormously more with the arrival of Pedro Sánchez, who is the one who puts the communists in the government. With the extreme left radicalized and the independentistas throwing themselves into the mountains, VOX comes to rectify that where the PP gives way. The PP is a party that, perhaps due to its cases of corruption, tends to bluff with the left and make a policy of entente with it. VOX bothers everyone ”.

Another of the people who was in the party in its beginnings and who prefers not to give his name, points out another key: “They are children of other circumstances. Abascal came from suffering terrorism in the Basque Country. He had been an escort since he was young. Rocío Monasterio comes from a family expropriated and retaliated by the communists. It is a more personal matter. These are circumstances that neither Quadras, nor Camuñas, nor any of the founders experienced. It is normal that their approaches are harder ”. Other militants point out: “It is not that VOX has changed; is that now we are more scary “.

It is this fear that has led Rocío Monasterio to become the fashionable name for the extreme right. A staging that aspires to stay with the undecided right-wing voter who sees lukewarmness in the PP. Monasterio presented his credentials at SER and now he is VOX’s new pop icon. All for taking the fight to the mud. A strategy that will continue until the elections. The May 4th you will know if it worked for you.


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