How to prepare your hair to face the heat and aggressions of summer

Although we are still in spring, it is less until summer. A time when the heat and the sun make you want to take a good vacation, take long walks or enjoy the beach. But, everything good has its bad part, and that is hair in summer is one of the main affected.

Exposure to the sun and sea water are two of the factors that most affect hair in summer. In the end this gets very dry, dull, dull and frizzy. If our hair is already like this, when the summer ends it will be destroyed! Therefore, it is better to prevent, what can we do?

Let’s give your hair a hydration bath

According Schwarzkopf, “hair contains 10 to 15% water”However, in the hottest months, a significant percentage of that water evaporates. Therefore, it is essential that we prepare our hair for the summer with a good hydration bath. It is time to invest in our hair.

But in addition to the external part, we must never forget to drink water. This is very important. If we take care of ourselves inside, this will end up reflecting on our skin and in our hair. So, drink water!

Cut hair, the best to strengthen it!

Although we usually leave the haircut for after the summer, if we really want to prepare it before we must cut it. This is something that strengthens it, because it heals the tips and together with the previous hydration bath, it leaves it ready so that the hair is perfect until the summer comes to an end.

What cuts will be a trend this year? Well, the pixie or the blunt bob that are very fresh and will allow us to give a radical change to our look. But, also the XL paraded hair with paraded ends or the swaggy cut will be in fashion. Which of these options will we choose? They are all great.

Cold water is best for hair

It is clear that washing your hair with cold water in winter is a very big sacrifice, but when summer is near and the temperatures are already somewhat high, everything changes. Before choosing hot water, it is better to opt for the warm one and that the last rinse is with cold, very cold water.

The reason is clear, and that is cold water seals the cuticles of our hair making the result is shiny hair. Is it what we are looking for? Shiny and strong hair, ideal to enjoy the hottest months.

Abusing conditioners and masks

In addition to the above tips, you should whenever we wash our hair we use conditioners or masks. Ideally, we should use the mask once a week and the conditioner the rest of the times we wash our hair. In this way, we will achieve maximum hydration!

However, we do not want to forget those products that are at our disposal and that act to protect our hair from the sun. Just like we protect our skin, why don’t we do the same with our hair? Starting to use them will help us protect the hair and prepare it so that it is perfect when the summer arrives. Although after him it will be necessary to give him another type of care.


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