Socialist deputy Alexandre Quintanilha said on Sunday that one of the lessons from the covid-19 pandemic was to join efforts to make a more sustainable world, warning that there is either mutual aid or humanity is shipwrecked.

This position was taken by the scientist and university professor in the solemn session commemorating the 47th anniversary of the 25th of April in Parliament, in a speech in which he warned for “the weakening of democracies”, a phenomenon that he said is growing.

Populism and demagogy, heavily funded, gain insidious force. And the United States of America narrowly escaped “, he noted, in an allusion to the turbulent transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the presidency of this country.

Alexandre Quintanilha maintained that the challenges of the present “they are immense, they are global, complex and interdependent” e “require a solid pool of efforts and resources”.

Either we help each other or we shipwreck all together. That is also the lesson of the pandemic. The climate emergency, obscene inequalities, new and old diseases, job insecurity, demographic transition and armed conflicts could not be more evident “, he declared.

The independent deputy of the PS then pointed out that it is predicted that two thirds of future infectious diseases will be transmitted from animals to man.

Current slavery is different and is no longer cloaked. The forecasts point to profound demographic changes with unknown impacts on the organization of societies. We need knowledge, much more knowledge, much more shared, and in all areas. Digital will help, but it is not enough “, he pointed out.

On the strictly political level, Alexandre Quintanilha stressed that “the multiplicity and diversity of views enriches the democratic debate” and that “the nobility of politics is precisely in the uncompromising defense of the confrontation of ideas”.

“But also to be able to combine efforts to build such a sustainable world that we all want. Always inspired by empathy and solidarity, and guided by knowledge and courage. Yes, that fearless courage that allows us to be reborn every day,” he said.

In his speech, the PS deputy started by observing that, in the solemn session of April 25, 2020, already in a pandemic of covid-19, “it was impossible to predict the difficult year that would live”.

“The uncertainty that we still face is deeply affecting us. There are many images of suffering that we will never forget. But today we realize that the metaphors of spring and light at the end of the tunnel were not in vain. The growing pace of vaccinations and the progressive citizen accountability are comforting “, he considered.

Then, the scientist and university professor evoked the “determination and boldness of those who made it possible to conquer the freedom and self-esteem of this overwhelming majority of those who suffered the oppression of a regime based on persecution, fear and falsehood”.

“It was exactly 150 years ago, that in reference to the fateful date of 1545, Antero [de Quental] summons us to be reborn – I quote – from the moral death that had not only invaded the feeling, the imagination, the taste: it had invaded above all the intelligence of the peninsular peoples “, he referred, in an allusion to the inquisition.

According to Alexandre Quintanilha, “this rebirth of hope happened on the 25th of April”.

“It was more than four centuries of waiting. And that moment was huge,” he stressed.

The PS deputy stressed that the Portuguese then gained “political freedom”.

“The inequality, exposed in the New Portuguese Letters, has not yet been completely eliminated, but no one has given up. We are now millions demanding equality and extending it to the exuberant multiplicity of emerging identities,” he added.

Lisbon, 25 April 2021 (Lusa) – BE defended today that the 25th of April will remain unfulfilled until it is faced “head on with corruption”, warning that the revolt resulting from this phenomenon “is exploited by many to grow its political business ”.

MP Beatriz Gomes Dias was the choice of the blockers for the speech at the solemn session commemorating the 47th anniversary of April 25, 1974, which takes place today in parliament, for the second consecutive year in a reduced format due to the pandemic.

“April will also not be fully fulfilled until we face corruption head on. Corruption is the cement of economic injustice and inequality. It undermines democracy, erodes justice and threatens social cohesion, ”he warned.

The BE candidate already announced to the Lisbon Chamber in the next municipal elections emphasized that “corruption depreciates resources and makes the wrong choices prevail over the right choices”, arguing that no one can “accept to pay” the price of these wrong choices.

“The resulting revolt is exploited by many to grow their political business,” he accused.

However, for the congresswoman, there can be no doubt that “denouncing corruption cannot be the ‘Trojan horse’ of authoritarian political agendas for discrediting the institutions of democracy”, which often come from “who else has explanations? give about their methods and transparency before the rules of the law ”.

“The lack of shame goes so far as to have a lawyer who comes from a tax planning office, to come up to this platform to cry out against the tax evasion”, he shot, in an implicit criticism to the deputy of Chega, André Ventura.

For Beatriz Gomes Dias, it is necessary to face corruption “with courage and determination”, with improvements in the legal and judicial mechanisms of prevention, investigation and punishment, but also “through a demanding political and citizen action”.

“We do not accept that the promise of equality contained in the April Constitution is marketed. The sovereignty of the people and their representation are not a commodity. This is what Abril left us with as a lesson: the most essential of the common goods of a people is democracy and it cannot be made the property of anyone, nor treated as a commodity. Our democracy is not for sale ”, he stressed.

The BE deputy’s speech began with a tribute to the April military and to all the women and men who fought for decades against the dictatorship of the Estado Novo.

“In a country that so often suffers from a selective memory, I also remember all and all the combatants for the liberation of the African countries occupied by the Portuguese colonial regime, who were well aware of the scope of their struggle”, he praised, considering that they are also 1974 revolution.

For Beatriz Gomes Dias, “it never hurts” to remember April’s achievements as free elections, SNS, public school or the right to strike, but it is also necessary to “remember that they are not irreversible”.

“The resurgence of populist or fascist forces all over the world, including in Portugal, should alert us and mobilize us for the uncompromising defense of democracy”, he warned.

Despite all the achievements, for the blockade, the promise of equality and justice brought by the end of the dictatorship “is still far from being fulfilled”, setting an example of the unacceptable levels of poverty that exist in Portugal.

“47 years after April 25, 1974, full equality of rights is still a mirage for many people in our country”, he lamented, giving the example of women, black and gypsy people, migrants and refugees, LGBTQI + people or of people with, as well as the elderly.

25 April: PCP asks for indignation against injustices and corruption (UPDATED)

Lisbon, April 25, 2021 (Lusa) – The PCP today evoked the six million Portuguese who were born after April 25, 1974 and called for the indignation of the Portuguese against injustices, inequalities or corruption.

“When we are outraged today, we rise up against injustice, inequality, corruption is because we can do it,” said Communist MP Alma Rivera, speaking at the solemn session of the 47 years of April 25, after recalling the achievements allowed by the “Carnation Revolution”, starting with freedom.

After citing these millions of Portuguese – “the youngest generations are already great-granddaughters of the anti-fascists who gave their lives for liberation” – the MP of the PCP defended the “April conquests”.

“All those who have not lived in April 1974 are called to continue it and to defend the rights they have won,” he said.

“We are fighting the battle for the defense of the most human and most essential values, of freedom and democracy, of equality and solidarity. And we are not silent that poverty and misery, precariousness and unemployment are enemies of April’s values,” he said.

And he added that “hopelessness is the opposite of the April path”, that “impunity for corruption, economic and financial crimes, banking holes, the misuse of public funds are affront to democracy”, which “its greatest enemy is the subjugation of political power by economic power and its merger into one “.

Alma Rivera also stated that the six “millions of Portuguese who were born after the 25th of April demand that the wealth be fairly distributed, allowing a dignified life for all, against the obscene accumulation of some, very few, who evade taxes and to justice at the same time that they say ‘it is not time to claim’ “.

Despite having lived neither the dictatorship nor the revolution, Alma Rivera asked the younger people to “continue April” and to defend “the rights they have won, to defend health, education and social security against the logic of profit and the greed of the big economic groups ”.

“We continue the centenary struggle for the right to work. Against its devaluation, because what comes out of wages continues to go into the pockets of a few. Against the use of workers as disposable, expendable merchandise, because even a pandemic is a pretext to aggravate exploitation, ”he said.

And he concluded that “whoever needs April in their lives, who needs the Constitution and their rights to be fulfilled, has the strength to prevent setbacks and it is with his voice and his arms that he will enforce April”.


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