AFE does not leave the court: Aganzo, accused and complaint of Soccer Players ON against Diego Rivas

If a few days ago the Examining Court No. 3 of Elche I was quoting David aganzo, the recently re-elected president of the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE), so that on June 4 he declares in the capacity of being investigated for his alleged relationship with a case of bribery of an official of Hacienda to get confidential information from Footballers ON, this union has sued this week against Diego Rivas, secretary general of the aforementioned AFE, whom he accuses of being the alleged perpetrator of a crime of perjury given in a criminal case.

A cause that is directly related to the one that occupies and worries its president, re-elected, by the way, after an electoral process that the rival candidacy and led by Gaizka Toquero, has been placed in the hands of Justice between accusations of fraud. Aganzo will have to declare as being investigated for the alleged payment of 3,000 euros to an official of the Treasury of Elche to get tax documentation from the Futbolistas ON union. A case for which the director of the legal department of AFE has also been called to declare, Gonzalo de Medinilla, Y Antonio Canadas, AFE delegate in Alicante, in addition to the public official of the Treasury, who responds to the initials of FGA

The new scandal in Spanish football

Kike Marin

In the case of Futbolistas ON’s criminal complaint against Diego Rivas, the union that presides Juanjo Martinez begins with what happened on May 16, 2019 at the voting station of the Getafe CF, on the occasion of the first union elections held in Spanish football and where the secretary general of AFE boasted of having all the confidential information, from tax, payroll or contracts, of his rival at the polls. Moreover, according to the complaint, during the aforementioned elections, many of the AFE representatives who attended the polling stations made fun of the delegates of Soccer Players ON making comments such as: “How little you charge,” “tell Juanjo and Tamara (the manager) to raise your salary “or” we know you charge 918.18 euros “, that is, exact figures.

As Futbolistas ON contested the voting in nine changing rooms in which irregularities were detected, on May 29 their representatives met at the SIMA together with those of LaLiga and AFE. There, the defendant met again with the president and the manager of this union, who asked him if he had reviewed his accounts again, to which he replied: “Yes, more than revised.” “Do not worry, there is a model of the Treasury,” he added. “Yes, the 3, the 3 I don’t know how many. The 347. I already tell you that I have looked at it. More than seen”. This is how Tamara ramos obtained the recording of Diego Rivas, “with the aim of proving everything that had happened during the elections, more specifically if he had been able to see his own and confidential accounts or salaries of Soccer Players ON”.

David Aganzo, between Diego Rivas and José Antonio Camacho, at a press conference. (EFE)

Diego Rivas, before the judge as a witness

That is why the complaint presented by Futbolistas ON is so concise in the conversation with Rivas and the tests include the aforementioned recording of almost a minute in length. Moreover, it was precisely after analyzing and verifying the validity of this audio, when this union decided to include the general secretary of AFE in the testimony of his complaint against his former employer, Ana Vila, who, according to the preliminary proceedings of the Examining Court No. 4 of Alcobendas“Surprisingly and without prior notice, she resigned as treasurer at a key moment in April 2019, a few weeks before union elections in the locker rooms of professional soccer teams.” The objective was to check if there could be a link between AFE and Ana Vila to obtain confidential information.

Thus, On October 18, 2019, Diego Rivas appeared as a witness and, not only denied knowing the former treasurer of Futbolistas ON, but also having seen any type of documentation related to this union. The complaint of Futbolistas ON is based precisely on this, in that the secretary general of AFE could be misleading in the criminal case, since there is evidence in which he acknowledges having seen Form 347 of tax returns and the plaintiffs see clearly that he could not recognize any connection with Ana Vila. This was the only person who was able to provide AFE with such information and It is the link with the plot investigated by the police authority on the alleged bribery in Elche of a public official to get confidential information from the ‘rival’ union. According to Futbolistas ON, Rivas deliberately and voluntarily lied in order to prevent the legal proceedings against the former treasurer from prospering.

After an expert analysis and a subsequent report, it was proven that said worker used an external device the day before she resigned and extracted confidential information from the union. It should be remembered that in the event that Footballers ON achieved 5% representation among the players in the professional categories, it would become a participant in the distribution of the 3,200,000 million euros of the so-called Social FundHence, AFE does not want to end its monopoly. First, when they thought that the new union was supported by LaLiga and they called it yellow while they were controlled by the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and then when the AFE itself took the shelter of LaLiga and became the authentic yellow union, after Aganzo and Rubiales antagonized.

Luis Rubiales, along with David Aganzo, after handing over the presidency of AFE to him. (EFE)

The self-incrimination of Antonio Saiz

The case of the alleged bribery that could hit the president of AFE fully exploded as a result of the publication in ‘Marca’ of a letter from Antonio Saiz, director of Second B and Third of AFE, addressed to the members of the board of this union, as well as for filing a complaint at the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office. In that letter, Saiz explained that Aganzo illegally obtained tax information about Footballers ON. “David Aganzo, making use of his hierarchical superiority, forced me through pressure to illegally obtain certain financial documentation from the Futbolistas ON union,” wrote Saiz, who blamed himself in the case.

Specific, Antonio Saiz accused the president of the union of bribing a public official with an amount of 3,000 euros to obtain financial data from Footballers ON. In the summary of this case there is a recording of Diego Rivas, the same as now Footballers ON has presented in his complaint, in which it can be understood that possessed the tax information allegedly obtained illegally and stolen by the official. In fact, the AEAT internal audit report delivered to the Elche judge certifies the official’s unauthorized access and links Ana Vila in one of the documents publicly displayed in Aganzo’s office, since only she had access to that documentation and specifically to that model 111.

Photo: David Aganzo, president of AFE, after a meeting at LaLiga headquarters.  (EFE) Opinion

That is AFE has just held elections and they have not only been contested by the other candidacy and reported to the Police, specifically to the same Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDE) that has been investigating the president of the majority footballers union for months, but that he and his general secretary are involved in legal cases that, pending what happens, makes it clear that they are not very busy with their fellow footballers, but rather to perpetuate itself at the head of a union that has ceased to be one. Of the fellow soccer players, it is better not to speak. After what your lawyer Maria Jose Lopez was able to do them at the CD Heel, Aganzo’s AFE has lost all credibility when it talks about its defense of women’s football.

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