Who will take care of Vox's grandmother?
Vox electoral poster on the menas in the metro in Madrid.andrea comas

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My two daughters are very lucky. They are minors accompanied, not like the MENA who arrive alone in our country and do not have parents to take care of them. Vox says that those MENA are very expensive for us Spaniards, not like my daughters. They have responsible parents capable of paying for a woman to accompany them whenever we are not there. Águeda is the name of their caregiver, the immigrant woman who takes care of them since they were born. Águeda has traveled from Bolivia to Madrid to take care of them. And on that trip she has left her two children behind, two minors on the other side of the ocean who do not enjoy the company of their mother, another kind of MENA. These are better than the African children who are so expensive because we do not have to take care of them the Spanish. I think Vox does not even know what they exist, since this party believes that the problem of immigration is those annoying black children who come from Africa instead of Paris, as if there was a problem in the distribution. “A MENA. 4,700 euros per month. Your grandmother. 426 euros of pension per month ”, that is what the controversial poster says. What it does not say is that your grandmotherWhoever she is, in the end she is almost certainly going to have to be cared for by an immigrant woman. Maybe a MENA when he grows up, who knows.

Nor does it explain that it is very likely that the migrant woman who will one day take care of your grandmother, henceforth Vox’s grandmother, has been forced to say goodbye to her children. Like Águeda, who said goodbye to the youngest of her own when she was only four years old, without knowing when she would see him again. That goodbye was a tear that I am not able to name or imagine. It is, of course, a farewell always provoked (not only in his case) by a desperate situation: political, economic, social … “Desperate women are the meat of the mill. The immigrants, in addition, we are the bone that they crush so that the animals eat ”. This is how María Fernanda Ampuero writes in her excellent book Human sacrifices. A book that is a gem, among other things because of how rare it is to listen to or give voice to immigrant women. They do not have a voice or normally a vote.

It is very possible that the migrant woman who will take care of Vox’s grandmother is already living in Madrid. The bad thing is that he doesn’t have papers yet, but that doesn’t matter. With or without the right to work, she is destined to become the old woman’s main companion and comfort. She will know how to massage her tired legs, she will clean her dental prosthesis, she will accompany her to the shopping, she will take care of cooking the meat a lot when Grandma starts to have a hard time swallowing, she will water the plants on her balconies, she will thread the needle so that she can continue. sewing and he will sing you songs that will reach your voice from far away. Of course, this woman and her children are not addressed by the Vox cartel. And it is normal because we have already said that neither she nor hers have the right to vote. Who it is addressed to is the grandchildren of the grandmother, the one who has started wearing diapers because she urinates on herself and needs care. That’s why the poster talks about “a MENA”, you know, anybody in front of “your grandmother”, the real one. But where are Vox’s grandchildren when their grandmother needs them the most? Why would some other immigrant end up taking care of her? The truth is that they do not go much to the old woman’s house. However, they have taken care to manage the help of the dependency law with which they are paying the immigrant who takes care of the old woman.

After 12 years caring for Spanish girls and boys and contributing to social security, Águeda has been able to swear the Spanish flag and get a DNI. Until now, his NIE allowed him to vote in municipal elections, but not in general ones. Anyway, he has never voted in Spain. Because no one has ever addressed her (or any of them) in speeches, in the media, in debates, on social media. They don’t count, they just care. Not even now, a pandemic later, when their care has been essential in the lives of so many. They are still invisible, nobody names them. In fact, sometimes they don’t even have a name, which is the same as not having papers. So, in addition to being indispensable caregivers, they are illegal and unprotected women. The naturalness with which we accept the extreme sacrifices of the immigrants who live among us, and especially of the women who take care of us and our own, is amazing to me. Word that rhymes with disgusting.

For all this, I tell the creators and voters of the supremacist Vox cartel that the 4,700 euros per month of the supposed ore to which they allude, seems little to me compared to the debt that we have contracted as a society with the extreme sacrifices that we consent to every day of so many immigrants: men, women and children who come to our country not only in search of a better life, but also to give us a better life. But human sacrifices are never free, Vox friends. And sooner or later, we are going to pay them all and together. Even your grandmother’s immigrant caregiver. For this reason, because immigration is a human problem rather than an economic one, there is no money in the world to pay everything we owe to the MENA. And in that sense, the strictly economic one, your poster is that of some truly miserable. Humanity, on the other hand, is a luxury you cannot afford. But we already had that.

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