Wake up from the autopilot!

The alarm goes off, you get up, wash up, eat breakfast and get ready to start a new day with your usual occupations, is that familiar? The everyday often becomes repetitive, and what is repeated day after day often results in a looping sensation reminiscent of “Trapped in Time”, the popular Bill Murray comedy in which every day was the Day again. of the Marmot.

For many people this means tranquility, comfort, security or balance, although for many others it can lead to a kind of ‘automatic pilot’ that makes them walk along the paths of conformity, acceptance of circumstances -both positive or negative- or the mirage of complacency.

Whether you are aware or not, the automatic pilot keeps us in an apparently comfortable and safe position, but possibly devoid of that feeling of vitality that provides us with the positive tension generated by new opportunities, challenges or situations that drive us to learn new things. , or simply exploring our true potential and living up to our true talents.


Not long ago I discovered a curious experiment carried out by the American writer and short filmmaker, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, called “The money tree”. To carry it out, he came up with hanging 100 dollar bills from a tree in a busy Chicago neighborhood, imagining what the reaction of people could be when discovering such a rarity in the middle of a public thoroughfare. What happened was surprising, since at least half of the passers-by in the area passed by and did not notice the unusual situation despite having a tree full of banknotes hanging just a few inches from their noses.

This experiment exemplifies the strange blindness to which we succumb when the autopilot narrows our visual field to perceive opportunities, to overcome obstacles successfully or to be inspired by the stimuli that are in our environment to fill our lives with meaning and purpose. .

On the contrary, when we live fully aware of ourselves we have a better chance of creating the life we ​​want, simply because we feel full of life, awake and vital, even if that means taking small risks or challenges that make us feel vulnerable, such as the one who gambles for carrying out a project with which he dreams, the one that embarks on the practice of a new sport or the one that dares to change jobs or reinvent himself to feel more fulfilled.


The good news is that each day gives us a new opportunity to wake up, to get in touch with the present moment, to experience and perceive how we feel both physically, emotionally and mentally, to begin to project new and stimulating purposes, while promoting positive anti-autopilot habits.

The first thing to keep in mind is that everything starts from the first moments of the day, what you do in these initial moments will determine, to a large extent, the energy and attitude of the rest of the day. So I suggest that, instead of doing it in a hurry, with the usual rush and the feeling of stress from the first hour, move a little earlier the time you wake up each morning to dedicate a few moments to yourself.

Starting your morning ritual by dedicating a few minutes to be in silence, simply paying attention to your breathing, meditating, reflecting or thanking the beginning of a new day of life, will provide us with a few moments of complete calm that will help us promote the mental state and optimal emotional conditions to face the day in a very positive way.

Take advantage of this personal space also to dedicate a moment to organizing your day. Make a list or write down on your agenda what are the most important goals to achieve in the next 24 hours. And if you dare to go further, carry out a mental visualization in which you observe yourself carrying them out successfully, or even imagining the achievement of more medium or long-term goals. Imagine your projects and your wishes, feeling them as if you could see, touch and experience them. As Walt Disney used to say, “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

Last but not least, take a break. Think that we cannot be productive if we are mentally and physically empty or exhausted. So having a few moments of rest, more than a desire, is a need both physical and mental. This will increase our energy, concentration, memory and attention, and we will reduce stress and other possible health problems derived from this accelerated rhythm that we carry.

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