COVID-19 – For more than a year, we have lived limited by restrictive measures established to limit the spread of the coronavirus. These rules, we were able to respect them perfectly, approximately or, on the contrary, to come to terms with them.

As time becomes long, and the desire to resume a normal life irrepressible, some have implemented strategies or found tips to circumvent the measures put in place by the government, in particular those of the curfew at 7 p.m. and that of the 10 km perimeter around your home.

Then24 has selected a few of these best tips. Like that, for example, of Aurélie *. Aged 33, the young woman is the creator of a craft association. To go for a weekend with her spouse, so beyond the 10-kilometer limit imposed by the government, she “pretended to have a false meeting in an exhibition space in Clermont-Ferrand”. In order for her story to be credible in the event of an inspection, a fake email was sent by a friend to attest to the so-called meeting. What if that wasn’t enough to justify the presence of her spouse? “We also invented a fake Blablacar trip with my partner,” she adds, almost disappointed not to have been able to test her “concrete pretext” with the police, who ultimately never checked her.

False certificates or invoices

Madeleine * opted for a similar tactic. With her self-employed status, the young woman creates a false derogatory certificate for herself if she wishes to go to a city other than the one where she resides. One of her colleagues supports her ploy by producing a document certifying that she must go to this city.

For his part, Ervan *, in his thirties, still has several electricity bills, on which he writes a different address. “I had respected the first confinement, we knew nothing about the virus, we had no masks, no habits,” he underlines. “Today, I have the impression that the measures still allow the virus to circulate, and I believe that I do not spread it by traveling in masks, mainly by bicycle or outside rush hour, to visit corners of Paris. often empty, remote, that I don’t take the time to discover when we can change region ”, he continues. So when he goes to a place in the capital or in the Paris region, he always has an electricity bill in his pocket indicating that he lives nearby.

Cleaning van

Since March 2020, more than 2 million fines have been drawn up for non-compliance with health measures, assured the Ministry of the Interior to Release April 7. Among these, “people not respecting the rules, and against owners of establishments receiving the public who irregularly opened their business”.

This obviously does not frighten François *, 59, who is not afraid of anything when it comes to going to see a football match with friends. Living in a town in Hérault, he is lucky to know a friend working in a cleaning company in the town. “He picks me up with a van with the company logo on it, gives me a company jacket, and we go to a friend’s house nearby,” he explains. 3 kilometers away, so within the granted perimeter … but in full curfew. “It’s a blanket, the police or the gendarmes do not stop us … All that for a football match!”, He laughs. So far, this tactic has worked three times.

For journalists, it is almost easier … The press card allows them, normally, to circulate as they see fit. It is for this reason that Béranger *, 28, does not hesitate to have evenings on weekends. “I just complete the certificate of exemption from the curfew, indicating that the trip is work-related. I am not inventing a report or an interview. But if I was asked, that’s what I would say! Anyway, the police don’t really have to know, ”he laughs.

Kit Deliveroo

Among the other tips for getting around the rules, many have also bought a courier kit to get around quietly after 7 p.m. As pointed out The public good, Deliveroo kit ads have exploded on sites like Ebay, Leboncoin or Facebook Marketplace.

Others do not hesitate to go to the evening with their dog, to return home whenever they want in curfew with a perfect pretext … Some, moreover, make appointments on Doctolib, which they then cancel. But the appointment confirmation email in hand, on D-Day, they are quiet.

During the first confinement, Le Figaro had asked police officers what the imagination of the French was made of to circumvent the rules. Between the one who had stolen an SOS doctors card, the romantic dates in the car, and the hiding place in a refuge in the Pyrenees, the least we can say is that some are (almost) ready to do anything to find their way back. freedom.

* First names have been changed.

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