If you think that you have lynx eyesight and that nothing escapes you, you are completely wrong. Take a look at this optical illusion and discover how easy it is to trick your brain.

We fully trust our senses. We are completely sure of something when we see it while, if we cannot perceive it, we affirm that something does not exist or that it has not happened.

But our brain is much easier to fool than we think. If you like optical illusions, you should already know that what we see is not always real, and that our brain makes us see things that are not really there, and vice versa.

If you think that there is no one to deceive you and that you do not miss anything, this viral video allows you to prove that you are wrong. Posted by Dr. Karan Raj, a popular TikTok surgeon and science communicator who is known for sharing curious medical facts videos.

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In the video that concerns us today and that you can see a little below, Dr. Karan Raj explains that our brain ignores a lot of information. What you have to do is observe the image of the waiting room of a science laboratory for 20 seconds in order to find the elements that seem out of place.

Do not blink and look carefully at the entire image, and when the 20 seconds pass you will be able to check everything that has escaped you.

As explained by Dr. Karan Raj in the video, despite looking at the image all the time, many elements of the image have disappeared and others have appeared that were not there without you noticing. Later, when we are slowly shown the deleted objects and the new ones, we are aware of the magnitude of the information that has escaped us.

But, how is it possible that you have not noticed all these changes if you have not looked away from the image? Raj points out that it is due to the blindness to change, a perceptual phenomenon that reveals the limits of human attention and that has been widely studied in recent years.

This is one of the most complex riddles ever, a problem to spin around until you get dizzy. Thus the problem of the three gods is solved.

Change blindness shows that we are unable to detect some of the changes that take place in our visual field, especially when they occur in a gradual or unexpected way, as it happens in this video. The most accepted explanation for this phenomenon is that our brain processes information paying attention only to the details it considers relevantas otherwise you would need to invest too much energy.

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