Originally from Italy, pizza is one of the most consumed dishes in the world for large and small, because its multiple elaborations allow combining a great variety of ingredients with each other. In addition to restaurants and specialized chains, you can taste it at home by buying pre-frozen ones in the supermarket or buying the dough already made (you may prefer to make it yourself) and add the foods you like the most.

Although traditionally cooked in the oven, there is another alternative: they are the pizza ovens, also known as pizza makers or machines to make pizza at home in a simple way and in a very short time.

How do you use a pizza oven?

Its use is very easyl. This type of appliance works connected to the electrical outlet. Thus, once plugged in, you have to preheat it for a few minutes so that, once that time has elapsed, you introduce your pizza to cook. Each specific brand details in its instruction manual the times that should be respected.

What is the best oven for making pizzas? Comparative

The pizza ovens chosen for this comparison are the following: Create Ikohs Pizza Maker (9), G3 Ferrari G10006B (8.5), Princess 115001 (8.5) and Tristar PZ-2881 (8.25). Each one has received an average evaluation based on the analysis of the following criteria:

– Design: specifically, the quality of its manufacture and the choice of materials that guarantee its durability.

– Cooked: How do you prepare the pizzas? Are they evenly cooked? Are they crispy? Do they burn? …

– Adhesion: If the pizza during the preparation process sticks or not to the base where it is cooked when we are about to take it out to place it on the plate and take it to the table.

– Cleaning: whether they are easy to clean or not once they have been used following the recommendations of each manufacturer.

This is how we have tried pizza ovens

At least, we have prepared with each of them three pizzas: one frozen, another with a dough made by ourselves and the third with the dough already purchased to which we then add the ingredients. This has allowed us to check how they cope with the different preparations, how they work, compare cooking times, their cleaning and, most importantly, how they taste and how the pizzas are.

All are an ideal option to prepare pizzas at home, but the proposal Create iKohs Pizza Maker has obtained the best average rating. It is a model that not only stands out for the quality of its finishes (the best in our opinion) but also for how crispy the pizzas are and how tasty they are. In addition, it is the only one that incorporates a heat-resistant glass window, and that gives it an important point in its favor.

Create Ikohs Pizza Maker Pizza Oven

It is a pizza oven that just takes it out of its packaging box already transmits good feelings for its materials and finishes. With dimensions of 350 x 350 x 190 mm and a comfortable weight to transport, it rises on four support points and, like its opponents, has a clamshell design: when you lift the top cover, it stays at an angle 90º from the main base. In this upper cover, in addition to the adjustable thermostat that reaches a temperature of up to 350º (it has five power levels), there is a timer and the ignition pilot. However, the most outstanding thing is the presence of a heat-resistant glass window (It is the only pizza maker that integrates it of the four) which is useful for controlling how the preparation unfolds.

Its operation is similar to that of other pizza making machines. To preheat, we set the timer for 10 minutes at maximum temperature (level 5) and after that time (it emits an acoustic signal) we introduce it and set it again. LThe amount of heat it concentrates is so high that it was ready in another 10 minutes. Although all participating pizza ovens fulfill their function, if we compare results, this one from Create iKohs seems to us the best. The pizza dough is super crunchy (especially around the edges) while the ingredients are left with a delicious fluffy touch.

Our choice

It is cooked on a refractory plate that stands out for its non-stickness and for incorporating two practical handles that are great for cleaning it much more comfortably.

Buy for € 89.95 on Amazon

G3 Ferrari G10006B Pizza Oven

It is a pizza oven with relatively compact dimensions (335 x 200 x 350 mm) and a design with a futuristic touch. The quality of its finishes is good and it includes two types of aluminum shovels that are good for preparing the pizza dough with the chosen ingredients. Also when you take it out after cooking and you are going to serve it at the table.

Heats up in 10 minutes (The heating power is regulated through one of the controls located at the top and reaches 400º). After this time, you open it (the heat it gives off is quite annoying) and place the pizza on the included reflective stone plate that has a diameter of 31 cm. Even having a lower power than other proposals, working with such high temperatures allows you to reduce the waiting time for the pizza to be ready by many minutes.

The detail of including a timer is very practical, as well as the two handles that the manufacturer has added to both sides when not only opening the lid to remove the pizza but also to take a quick look at its evolution.

The alternative

Very thin crust pizzas are especially crispy and do not stick much. Meanwhile, the ingredients are prepared just as well and achieve a golden hue that is most palatable.

Buy for € 149.90 on Amazon

Princess 115001 pizza oven

It sports a striking red color that immediately attracts attention. Plastic and aluminum have been used in its manufacture, it incorporates two small support points on its base and It has a cable collection area where the cable can be wound (As it measures 0.75 cm, you have to be close to the electrical outlet) once it has been used.

Its use is very simple, as it is provided with two indicator lights on the upper part that inform the user that the appliance is preheating. It has been equipped, for this, with a adjustable thermostat which helps to reach the required temperature and thus is ready to operate: during this process, which takes just a few minutes, it achieves a temperature close to 220º. It is known that we can start cooking pizza when the green light goes out; In the instruction manual, everything is explained clearly and in detail. It accepts both fresh and frozen pizza dough, and the diameter should not be more than 30 cm.

The resistance it has been provided with allows it to distribute the heat in a fairly uniform way both at the top and bottom; It is recommended, however, that the dough is not too thin because we run the risk of burning a little.

Best value for money

It makes good use of its 1,450 watts of power and cooks pizza well, especially frozen ones, with surprising crunchiness. Its cleaning is not difficult.

Buy for € 44.25 on Amazon

Tristar PZ-2881 Pizza Oven

Along with the Princess pizza oven are the two most economical proposals, emerging as an option to consider if your budget is tight. Both share a practically identical design and only differ in color. They also have other characteristics in common such as power (1,450 watts), presence of an adjustable thermostat; indicator lights to remind you that the machine is on and that it has reached the required temperature to be used; and good adherence.

With a diameter of 30 cm, we have tested it with homemade pizza dough bought and also made by us, as well as frozen, and then we have added different ingredients according to what we wanted: natural tomato, mushroom, bacon, chicken, corn, sausages , pepper, minced meat, basil … The time you have to wait for it to reach the optimum temperature is only a few minutes and then, when you introduce it, it is another 20 approximately. As it does not incorporate a timer – the Princess one does not either – you have to be more aware of the times so that the pizza ‘takes’ the point that you like the most: the thickness of the dough is important, because it is not the same to cook a pizza with a very thin dough than a thicker one.


How was the experience? It has been very positive. The heat that is concentrated inside is well distributed, the dough is crunchy, the ingredients melt on the palate … Of course, you have to be careful not to accidentally touch the outside if you don’t want to burn yourself (it tends to get very hot).

Buy for € 49.90 on Amazon

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 24, 2021.

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