Sánchez 'the Rescued', two go and one remains

First statement: Sánchez is a political head of government rescued (‘affair’ of the judges) and financially. Second premise: its weakness within the EU is such that the country it represents, although in the ruin that it has caused, offers the leaders of the Union more guarantees than its president.

Let’s see.

Discreetly, so as not to create panic, the European Central Bank, chaired by the French Christine Lagarde, A member of the European People’s Party, he has been in the task of rescuing and supporting Sánchez for some time as this newspaper has told during the dying week.

Without the political will to help Spain get out of the infinitive quagmire, this country would have followed in Greece’s footsteps long ago. A total of 300,000 euros fresh out of the ECB press and that the Government has been eating into the things that are its own: client bureaucracies, gifts to friends, waste to go-go, increase of an insatiable administration and other corollaries that are so expensive to sanchismo.

For Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna, Sánchez is already known as ‘the Rescued’. It is a truth as big as the lie that his former vice president gave when he said that the order to the UME to intervene in nursing homes came from him. I understand that a subject whose ego does not fit in the palace of Doñana, nor in the accurate pages of his doctoral thesis, nor in all the incense reserved for statesman size in RTVE, the fact of appearing as an outcast ruined by the halls of Berlaymont give you intestinal ulcers. To alleviate such cosmic injustice, two unique surgeons of irrepressible vanity have been sought (for price): Ivan Redondo Y Jose Felix Tezanos, who, although they have to work piecemeal in such a task, work miracles in the repair of their sick vanity.

The third rescue —140,000 million— has been advertised (and distributed) so many times and did not just arrive. Not a role, not a serious project, not a single counterpart it has been offered in Brussels.

Photo: The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.  (Reuters)

The tenure in the ECB of Spanish, public and corporate debt (160,000 million, plus another 138,000 of liabilities does not find space in the safes of the transnational bank).

Definitely, Sánchez, the great Sánchez, the one who offers the Ibero-American brothers the vaccines that it does not even have for the Spaniards, it has entered the hall of the rescued. As it does everything, in a big way.

The big problem for caring Spanish citizens is that the patience of Brussels / Frankfurt is starting to wear thin.

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