The Podemos candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, was interviewed this Saturday night on LaSexta, and spoke about the letter with death threats and four bullets that he received.

“The Minister of the Interior called me personally and he told me he was not a threat anymoreWe are worried, but wanting to say enough is enough, more and more people understand that fascism is a problem and must have a democratic response at the polls, “he said.

“We know that they are serious threats, they are not like the ones we receive every week. Trust that there will be arrests,” said Iglesias, who said about the incident in the SER: “What happened yesterday was ‘it’s okay’, it was a difficult day.”

On the effects of the incident, he said: “I believe that an unprecedented mobilization is going to be generated and I am proud that it is my training the one that faces them. The lie cannot be normalized as a political weapon. “

“Illegalize Vox? The courts have to do their job. The fundamental thing is that the answer is political and democratic. Day 4 is very important for us to give an answer to fascism. It is not acceptable for a political party to say that the Franco regime was better than the current government, “reflected Iglesias.

Almeida asks Iglesias to erase from his phone "Otegi's number"

About the reaction of the PP to the news of the threats, he said: “We received four bullets and it is our fault. This cannot be. It cannot be that the PP opens the door to the extreme right to the institutions. This is to say that we have looked for it. I think that the PP is putting itself in a position outside the law and of the Constitution when they say that they are going to govern with the extreme right, that would not be done by any party of the conservative tradition in Europe. In Germany they have made a sanitary cordon to the extreme right “.

Gabilondo, before no and now yes

On why now Gabilondo is open to agreeing with him when he did not want to before, Iglesias said: “The PSOE has realized that they were making a mistake. The PSOE thought that by saying right-wing things they could attract a certain electorate, but to win to the right we can not throw taunts. Let’s assume we have to rule together. The reaction is positive. On day 4 we will see the votes that each one has. In any case, we add. We are all going to be essential. Establishing support before the elections is risky, but our hand is out for a decent government in Madrid. “

“The PSOE thought that saying things on the right could attract a certain electorate”

Although he does not agree with Gabilondo on tax matters, Iglesias insisted on his position: “If to improve Health and the situation of public education, Where are we going to get that money from? Madrid has a situation of fiscal disobedience. Let’s go down to the lowest rents. The reform of the wealth tax is 1,000 million. Successions would be even more. It is in the strict conventional range. Joe Biden has said that after the Covid societies cannot be sustained. “

“The law has to be followed by everyone. I do not know how many people have assets of more than 1 million euros or will have inheritances of more than a million euros. If you have so many privileges you have to make an effort because when the pandemic arrives there are we have to pay health professionals, nurses and teachers. Like us in these two years we have not improved the situation of Public Health and Education and that is done by investing, they will not vote for us again. If austerity policies are made, people prefer the original to the copy, “he added.

“As we in these two years do not improve the situation of Health and Public Education and that is done by investing, they will not vote for us again”

Regarding his management as vice president and minister of Social Affairs, Iglesias said: “Politicizing a management such as those of the residences is a mistake. There were 4,400 requests processed by our vice presidency. We have all the documentation and WhatsApps and we are loyal to the Government. We processed them, the ex-Jemad, Julio Rodríguez, did it, I have to say that the UME disinfected each and every one of the residences. With Margarita Robles I have many ideological differences, the one with whom the right admires the most more than the left. “

Regarding the pandemic, Iglesias is clear: “We will do what the health authorities say. What must be done with the hotel industry is direct aid. Ayuso has given zero euros. With us they went from 2,000 to 7,000 million euros. They need direct aid. These aid have to come. Through ERTE we have maintained 3.5 million jobs. If you have to continue mobilizing resources, you have to do it. We have to attend to the criteria of the health authorities. If the data when we get to May 9, we will have to assume the necessary legal arrangements. If indeed health data forces us to take more restrictive measures, that cannot be politicized and we have to agree “.

“With Margarita Robles I have many ideological differences, with whom the right admires her more than the left”

“I will be where the citizens say. We are going to win and be in government. We are not just about saying nice phrases. Stopping fascism in Madrid was what pushed me to present myself in Madrid. Yolanda Díaz is a better leader than me and may be the next president of Spain. I thought that where I could be useful to achieve a mobilization and notice the importance that we give to Madrid, I understood that I should be there and I have a powerful team, “Iglesias said about his future.

“Madrid is on the left, the right only wins in 30% of the districts, but it is due to participation. The left has made many mistakes in the past, such as fighting each other, or that the PP could buy two deputies from the Socialist Party , Tamayo and Sáez. When we were united in the town hall we won. I think we can achieve it. We contribute different things and that is good because different groups can be mobilized. We provide a stubborn style: what is signed must be fulfilled. Day 4 is chosen between fascism and democracy “, sentenced.


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