Pablo Iglesias affirms that Gabilondo and Mónica García stood up from the debate "hour and a half later" when "his advisers" they told him

“What is voted on May 4 is between fascism and democracy,” says the leader of Unidas Podemos after what happened with Roco Monasterio

Pablo Iglesias, this Saturday.NGEL NAVERRETE

What happened this Friday between Pablo Iglesias Y Roco Monastery has monopolized the electoral act of United We Can “Feminist Future”, held this Saturday in Madrid and focused on the party’s equality strategy. “We simply refused to sit in a debate with whoever clearly questioned death threats and we asked the media not to allow anyone who does not condemn death threats to be,” said the candidate to the Community of Madrid and Secretary General of Podemos, in an act in which the main female faces of the party also participated, such as the Minister of Equality Irene Montero, or the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Daz.

“Yesterday’s gesture could have been completely inconsequential and in fact initially our gesture yesterday is not what changes the attitude of the progressive parties and the media, what changed everything was the attitude that became visible in the media. social networks of hundreds of thousands of people who actually said democracy is in danger, “said Iglesias.

“And that’s why, after an hour and a half of debate, the advisers come in and say, you will have to be watching to see what people are saying, you have to get out of here, you have to leave here, not because Pablo Iglesias has left. but because people are saying that democracy is in danger and you cannot continue to be seated at a table with fascism and the extreme right, “added the leader of Podemos, who has been presented on the brink of tears by the Secretary of State Equality Noelia Vera. “For me, he is the person with the best heart, with the most courage and with the most capacity for sacrifice that I have met in recent years,” said Vera visibly moved.

“The key is not Unidos Podemos, Unidas Podemos was simply the click that served to show what hundreds of thousands of people in this country think who know that what is voted on May 4 is between fascism and democracy,” he insisted. Pablo Iglesias in polarizing the elections to the community of Madrid.

“Those bullets that were sent to Pablo Iglesias, Irene Montero, Marlaska and the general director of the Civil Guard was not going only against them, they were going against democracy, they were going against all of us “, said the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Daz, for whom there has been a before and after in the electoral campaign of 4- After the threats and what happened with the Vox candidate on Friday. “The campaign changed its sign, it will not be the same and now we can win,” said Yolanda Daz, who invited us to do a campaign “with joy” and “sweetness” despite what happened.What happened yesterday was very sad, it was very hard. Pablo and Irene have suffered things that are not humanly bearable. Being surrounded at home, with your children, all day by violent people is not bearable. “

However, Irene Montero has not alluded to in her intervention, nor to the threats, also directed at her, nor to the confrontation with Vox for this reason. “I knowspeaks a lot about what the extreme right is, what Ayuso’s right is, but little is said that the project that they have been installing in the Community of Madrid for 25 years is institutional machismo and that what they have done unprotects the life of women, that the Ayuso popular party makes Madrid an unsafe community for women, “said Montero.

“Feminists, and that is why the offensive of the extreme right is so serious and so brutal, we say now and louder than ever that we want power and that we have power,” added the Minister of Equality, who has asked that all women go out to vote. “Madrid can be won, assert your power, that not a single woman is left without going to vote on 4-M”, concludes the act in which the candidates for the Madrid assembly Isa Serra, Beatriz Gimeno, have also participated. Agustn Moreno and Vanessa Lillo, as well as United We Can MEP Eugenia R. Palop, and the president of En Com Podem, Jssica Albiach.


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