The players of the Real Madrid they are individually negotiating the second salary cut that ranges between 10% and 15% depending on each case. The club has the acceptance of a majority of the squad and in this group there is a nucleus of footballers who are fixed in sports planning. It is insurance for the economic and sports strategy that Florentino Pérez has to carry out. Up to 13 footballers make up that majority who have given and are going to give their approval to another cut in their salaries.

The difference compared to last season is that there was a joint agreement once the club asked the captains to effort after the temporary cancellation of the competitions. They all accepted the agreement and also waived the premiums for winning the League and the Spanish Super Cup. The situation has changed and the strategy is different, on the part of the club and each case in particular, due to the uncertainty that the recovery of income continues to generate. The fact that there are footballers who are awaiting a renewal also influences. The most affected are Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez, who have gone from going hand in hand with the club to rushing the deadlines to negotiate their contracts.

Aleksander Ceferin, the ‘ogre’ who earns 2.2 million euros and battles with Florentino

Ulises Sánchez-Flor

Four of the footballers who are in the highest salary step of the workforce show their predisposition to this second salary cut. It is the case of Courteous, Kroos, Modric Y Benzema. All of them are part of the structure of the starting team, their salaries are above the 10 million euros and they give facilities to the club. Players like Militao, Carvajal, Casemiro, Odriozola, Fede Valverde, Vinicius, Rodrygo and Marco Asensio are also at work. As it is an individual negotiation, matters that have more nuances remain to be resolved. Such as Raphael varane Y Nacho, who end their contract in 2022, and have to analyze and assess the proposal in the short and long term. Madrid’s and if other teams arrive.

Modric, the most interested

Other players who could enter the ‘exit operation’ because Real Madrid’s planning is designed to make changes. The affected They can be Marcelo, Isco and Mariano. We’ll see what happens with Hazard. Others like Odegaard and Jovic left on loan and, according to the club, they have already accepted the salary cut that corresponds to them for this season.

Each one already defends their interests in the second season in which the accounts suffer the impact caused by coronavirus. The slowdown to growth has caused Real Madrid to approve a budget for this season of 616.8 million euros when he expected to reach 900 million euros without the pandemic. Florentino Pérez comments that between last season and the current one, the club will stop earning 400 million euros. He asks again for an effort from the squads and executives of the club, but this effort is not accepted by everyone because it already depends on each contractual situation.

Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez celebrate a goal. (Eph)

Luka Modric is a special case. The Croatian has accepted the low offer that the club has proposed to him, including a new salary cut, to continue one more season. He has not raised any objection. He has communicated to the club that his wish is to continue competing for Real Madrid, who are physically strong and have challenges. Besides that his family does not want to move from Spain. Among his plans is to continue playing at a high level in Madrid to reach the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the best conditions. Modric has given priority not to move from Real Madrid.

Ramos and Lucas Vázquez, without agreement

Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez have still not reached an agreement with the club. Each day that passes is interpreted as another gesture of departure from two footballers who have among their plans to sign their last great contract. The economic scenario is not the best, but they are free and other doors are not closed. TO Florentino Pérez recently asked if there was any news regarding the captain and the president has limited himself to saying that he has a lot of affection for Ramos, but that the situation is bad and we have to wait and see how the season ends to cast the final accounts.

Real Madrid suffers losses From the absence of the public to the stadiums, but also the commercial ones and the Champions League is right now the one that can cushion the blow. Having reached the semifinals ensures an amount greater than 90 million euros, qualifying for the final, if you eliminate the Chelsea, would mean another 15 million euros and winning the title would be 19 million. If the best ones are met forecasts, the figure would exceed 100 million euros. Even so, the president of Real Madrid has made it clear that cuts are still needed because the uncertainty and it is still unclear when the fans will return to the stadiums and in what capacity.

Photo: Sergio Ramos during a Real Madrid match.  (EFE)
Without Superliga, there is no money for the renewal of Sergio Ramos

Ulises Sánchez-Flor

The club’s policy remains to communicate to the players the austerity due to the economic slowdown that cannot count on the momentum that the creation of the Super League would entail. The staff discuss the situation and there are positions of rejection when they read and hear that he is going to see changes and signings may come. They do not share that there is money for incorporations (like David Alaba’s) and not for renovations. It is even more surprising that we can be talking about the signings of Mbappé and Haaland when we are still in a pandemic.

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