Kidnapped, a garden gnome regularly gives his owner news

This is a rather funny story reported by RTL this Saturday, April 19. Dany Lautrou, a resident of Finistère, in Brittany, in fact regularly receives news from her garden gnome, who disappeared last fall.

It is an unusual kidnapping that took place in Saint-Martin-des-Champs, in Finistère. Last fall, one fine morning, Dany Lautrou had the unpleasant surprise to find the disappearance of his garden gnome. The latter, however well installed since 1997 in the garden of his owner and who had not moved an inch, was visibly taken with a sudden desire to see the country. However, he does not forget his dear Dany, to whom he continues to give regular news.

The confinement effect

Indeed, shortly after his garden gnome ran away, Dany Lautrou received, amazed, a first postcard in his letterbox:

The first one that I received, in November, he said to me: “Hello family, I can no longer stay confined in the garden of the house. As soon as I can, I send you my news. Don’t blame me for leaving without warning, we’ll be celebrating when I get back. A thought to you all and to the friends of the garden. “

Told to RTL the one who works as a medical secretary at the Morlaix hospital.

Since, the runaway was obviously not too bothered by the sanitary restrictions and traveled across the country. At each new destination, he does not fail to send a postcard to Dany Lautrou.

Dany Lautrou and the letters of his garden gnome @ RTL

He thus passed through the Jura, Haute-Savoie, Reunion Island and he has recently put down his suitcases in Mauritius. He even found love with a certain Régine, originally from Colombia: “My new girl”, he wrote to his owner.

She is the woman of his life.

Dany Lautrou explained.

A very special garden gnome

Until now, still no idea who committed the theft. But if Dany Lautrou is always very happy to receive news from his garden gnome, the Breton woman confessed that she misses a lot. It is indeed not just any garden gnome. This was offered to her by two interns whose theses she had typed thirty years ago. Also the sad owner appealed to the kidnapper:

I want it so much, I promise, we won’t tell him anything. We’ll have a big party when he comes back. It’s true that I care about it.

We sincerely hope for Dany Lautrou that the message will be heard and that the traveler quickly finds his place in the garden. With Régine?

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