The candidate of United We Can to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has affirmed this afternoon that Vox is “the PP without complexes, the unconscious unconscious of the PP “whose project is” the destruction of the material bases of freedom and democracy “. For this reason, on May 4” they vote between fascism and democracy. “

At a rally in a space in the Madrid neighborhood of Príncipe Pío, Iglesias has affirmed that yesterday Friday “I changed everything”, but it was not him when he left the debate after the Vox candidate, Rocío Monasterio, refused to condemn the attack with a letter with bullets that he has received, but “the attitude of hundreds of thousands of people in networks who said, indeed, that democracy is in danger“.

“For the first time yesterday many journalists called fascists fascists. Democrats cannot tsee as legitimate the proposals of the fascists. Hundreds of thousands of people were saying that a far-right force like Vox cannot be treated normally. And it has happened by the people, not by me “, has indicated.

The Podemos leader recalled that two years ago, when they spoke of an antifascist alert before the arrival of Vox to the Andalusian Parliament, many people “did not understand it.” “But now they are seeing the ears of the wolf. We have had a hard time bringing democracy, which we know is imperfect, but it has cost a lot. When a town begins to point out the fascists, many journalists begin to tell the truth, “he pointed out.

In the opinion of the former Vice President of the Government, democracy is in danger “when fascism is whitewashed; when children who have had to emigrate are called criminals and what they need is public attention; or when they say they want to deport Serigne Mbaye.” “That is indecent and cannot be allowed. It is unacceptable that lies are used as a political weapon“, has manifested.

Freedom and democracy

Churches too has claimed freedom but understood by the rights to achieve equality of citizens. “Freedom is that a girl who is born in a humble neighborhood has a quality public education and has a university degree for the pride of her parents. The others are the ones who segregate, who steal the resources of the public to take it to the private. Yes they have far fewer opportunities to go to university in one neighborhood or another, they are undermining the foundations of freedom and democracy, “he argued.

The former Minister of Social Rights considers that this process of inequality can be accelerated “if that trumpista right with Ayuso and Vox we are governed on the 4th “. And that democracy is also about having quality public health care and not privatizing it and young people can pay rent.” There is no democracy if there are families that do not have a house due to a situation of impoverishment “, has said.

Because, as the aspirant of the purple formation has explained, democracy is a historical movement that has converted the privileges of a few into rights for all. “And that is what deep down the right and the far right hate because they hate that those who are born in a humble neighborhood have a better future than they do. They hate ordinary people, ordinary people, so that they can enjoy what they not so long ago they were the privileges of a minority“, he has wielded.

“And that’s why they hate feminism, which is a promise of equality. Because inequality has the face of a woman. Because when we talk about wage inequality or single-parent families it has the face of a woman. Advancing in democracy is advancing in social rights. That’s why they hate 8M. Because they hate the conversion of their privileges into our rights, just as the labor movement constituted in the nineteenth century, “he continued.

Iglesias has advised that “they are not going to stop and they are unleashed”. “They have said that the objective is for me to go into exile, and it is said by the same people who say that the military who want to shoot 26 million reds are from their own.”

“Do not fall for any provocation. We have to beat them with education, good manners, without making noise, without shouting, threatening, without falling into their provocations. That the neighborhoods, cities and towns of the working class come out in order to vote. Those who hate laws and order are those who have enough money not to need laws. In the face of their lies, chaos, violence and disorder, the order worthy of the working class to vote en masse against fascism. The democratic future will be feminist or it will not be, “Iglesias concluded.


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