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Her life has been linked to the supernatural since she was wearing diapers. That is at least how he tells it. Hayimy Jesús Aleman Herrera (Piura, 1974) was born on a date that the most devout consider divine: December 24. It was a Tuesday at twelve o’clock and forty-five minutes, the seer points out. And she came into the world, she says, in a way that is recorded in only 3 percent of pregnancies: in the breech position, for which the feet often appear first at the time of delivery. “I don’t know if it’s because of the date or the way I was born, but I’ve always been a lucky person”, he comments convinced of his good star. “I came to this world standing up”he adds.

Hayimy He does not believe himself an envoy of God, but his words can blind or be a balm for those who come to him. His first revelation, he assures, happened while he was sleeping, at the age of six or seven: he saw how a truck carrying liquor collapsed on the El Alto-Los Órganos route, in Talara, where he grew up. Two days later, he says that a local radio station reported an accident similar to the one in his dream. María Teresa and José, her parents, were the only witnesses to her “premonition”.

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For several years he worked “like a normal person” in some oil companies in the north of the country, until he arrived in Lima with the new millennium. Once settled in, a cousin suggested that he “look into the future” to a few acquaintances. It was from that circle that he met a television production company who suggested that he host an esoteric program on a now-defunct cable channel. This is how he started to build his popularity. These days he spends most of the time in his department in Miraflores, where the first thing that catches your attention, as soon as you enter, is an altar where virgins, saints, angels, candles and skulls coexist. In this space he is accompanied by Catrina, a sphinx cat that he adopted last June.

–I guess he is a believing person. Is that so?

If i believe in god. I believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe. I believe in angels. I believe in a God who works miracles.

– Is there not a contradiction between religious faith and your profession of seer?

Keep in mind that I do not do witchcraft or tie-ups. What I have is a gift. I am not a witch or a healer. To tell you that I have attended high officials of the Christian Church. Here in Peru there have been two cardinals.

– What does it do?

I am a seer because I see events that may occur in the future. But I am also a bridge with the afterlife. I am a bridge between the living and the dead. That’s what I do.

“And how do you see what you say you see?”

I take ayahuasca. I do it with great responsibility. Not very often. It is to visualize important things. The images come to me spontaneously days after the experience with the plant. It can be while driving, walking or traveling by plane. The images appear in my head and I try to give them an interpretation.


Hayimy says that it was precisely after an ayahuasca trip in the city of Tarapoto, in mid-2020, that he visualized the candidates Pedro Castillo Y Keiko Fujimori on Second round. After the first official results of April 11 were known, a video in which he made that prediction went viral, 40 days before the election. So that there are no doubts, the ‘seer’ takes out a local newspaper from December 31 of last year and asks me to read the headline: “Hayimy sees a woman in the Palace.” A few days ago, on his Radio Exitosa program, he confirmed that this woman is the leader of Fuerza Popular. In 2011 hit with Ollanta Humala, but he failed when he said that Alejandro Toledo would be president again (although that is not his most glaring mistake: he affirmed that Humala had an unrecognized son in Madre Mía, a matter that has not been proven).

In mid-2020, Hayimy says that he viewed the candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori in the second round.  (Photo: Elías Alfageme)
In mid-2020, Hayimy says that he viewed the candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori in the second round. (Photo: Elías Alfageme)

The flirtations of Hayimy with the political situation of the country they are not of now. He says that he is a “spiritual guide” for politicians, businessmen and diplomats. A couple of months ago his name jumped to the front pages of the newspapers, after his visits to the Government Palace to meet with former President Martín Vizcarra were revealed. On the subject he has said the following: “I was not guiding him to make such a change or another. He didn’t make the decisions that I told him, he just listened to me like anyone else.

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– Do you accept inquiries from all politicians?

I accept the inquiries of all the people who come to me as a spiritual guide. And I tell you honestly. I don’t usually make differences.

– What do the people who govern us want to know?

Most politicians are interested more than anything in how their term will end. I would say that 80 percent of the inquiries go there.

– And the other remaining 20 percent?

A 10 percent of inquiries refers to whether they are going to have legal problems or if they are going to make a fortune. Unfortunately, it is so. The other 10 percent ask about their love life. If it is convenient for them to be with this or that person, or if it is better to separate. Things like that.

– When advising leaders, how much influence do you think your opinion has on the destiny of the country?

No no no. I am a spirit guide. I don’t have any such influence.

– Hasn’t he benefited from his ties to power?

No not at all. I am an ordinary citizen. I do not benefit from anything beyond the remuneration they make me for the consultation.

– Are you afraid of getting into a serious problem because of what you say or the people with whom you relate?

No, I am calm. I live with a clear conscience. //


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