The provocations of Vox before, during and after the SER debate, even questioning the death threats to Pablo Iglesias after receiving a letter with bullets like the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the director of the Civil Guard María Gámez, they have broken all the predictions that gave the victory of the right almost for sure on 4-M. The left, which was facing the elections drowsy in the face of the maximum mobilization of the right, has been activated like a spring and everything seems possible 11 days before the elections. “Against the extreme right, the people of Madrid! Against the Government of Colón, our freedom! I want to be everyone’s president. Overcome! If there is a cry to do, it is to the polls, to the polls! Democracy will win! ”Ángel Gabilondo cried out this Saturday in the Plaza de la Constitución in Vallecas. The same Red Square where Santiago Abascal faced anti-fascists two weeks ago in an act that ended with police charges.

The symbolism of the choice to hold the rally in the working-class heart of Madrid did not stop there: the presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez has supported with his presence, including a socialist mask, the candidacy of the PSOE. In addition to being an activist in favor of LGTBI rights, Vázquez has been the television face with the most audience in Spain for years. “There is no possible equidistance. Either democracy or fascism. I vote for Gabilondo, “he wrote on his Twitter account at the end of the rally.

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Gabilondo reiterated throughout the rally his solidarity with those threatened with death – Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez attended the event – and their families. “We are all Fernando, María and Pablo. They have threatened their lives, this is deeply undemocratic and pre-democratic. When violence is condemned in general, as the PP has done, it is because there is a serious problem of democracy today, here and now, in Madrid. Mrs. Ayuso and Mr. Almeida [alcalde de Madrid]: when they threaten your life and that of your family there is no equidistance. It is a matter of life and death. It is a question of democracy ”, Gabilondo highlighted. The winner of the 2019 elections also recalled that, according to Abascal, the threat to Iglesias is a setup. “Mrs. Ayuso, this is not the time to be frivolous, stop your partner,” demanded the headliner of the PSOE.

“Every hate crime is preceded by hate speech,” Grande-Marlaska has warned. The Minister of the Interior, who was already in Carabanchel with Gabilondo on Friday, has criticized “the equidistance in the discourse of pointing out the different because of his religion, gender identity or sexual tendency. “It is a mean and cowardly speech. When there is a signaling of people, half measures are not worth it. If not, that equidistance reminds us of other fascisms, of another moment that the rule of law defeated. That is why you have to vote, a vote will be important to regain tolerance ”, he observed.

“It is not only Madrid, it is democracy”

The director of the Civil Guard has influenced the same. “The one who sows winds, reaps storms. Be very careful not to report this. We need words and not bullets ”. “Let them not steal the word freedom from us. Freedom is not doing what everyone wants. It is not individualism. It is simply not being afraid. We are going to show our face, and we are going to do well on the day of the polls ”, he encouraged us to vote on May 4. The Socialists have released a new slogan for the final stretch: “It’s not just Madrid, it’s democracy.”

“We are in a magnificent square, the Red Square de Vallecas, today redder than ever. Here are María and Fernando, here is the PSOE with its head held high, to tell the fascists that if they threaten us we will respond to them at the polls. For democracy, for what our grandparents, our parents fought. That is why we are here: to prevent fascism from reigning at ease in Madrid. This is about democracy or fascism ”, has proclaimed the PSOE spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra. “When a candidate says that if they call her a fascist, she is on the good side of history, she has already chosen and did not choose the side of democracy,” emphasized the deputy secretary general of the PSOE in reference to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “It is unworthy for a candidate to call the hunger queues kept. The PP and Vox in Madrid are exactly the same ”, has abounded on the controversial words of the president of Madrid.

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