Essen: Ruhrbahn announces mandatory FFP2 masks – the reaction of passengers speaks volumes

FFP2 masks have been mandatory at the Ruhrbahn since Saturday. That creates discussions.

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Essen. The new infection protection law, also known as the corona emergency brake, has been in effect since this Saturday. And that also has an impact on local public transport: You now have to wear an FFP2 mask in buses, trains and train stations as well as at stops and platforms. That has Ruhrbahn in Essen and Mülheim communicated to their customers again on Facebook.

Medical masks are explicitly no longer allowed. However, there are exceptions in local public transport for children under 6 years of age. You need at the Ruhrbahn in Essen and Mülheim no mask. However, the new rule causes some discussion among the Ruhrbahn-Customers.

Ruhrbahn in Essen: Big discussion about FFP2 mask requirement

The corona emergency brake brings with it some restrictions in the federal government. The curfew is probably the most polarizing factor. But other measures that go hand in hand with the law are also a topic of conversation in Essen. This can also be seen in the obligation to wear an FFP2 or KN95 / N95 mask on buses and trains.

A clear picture of the mood emerges in the comments: Very few users are fans of the new measure. Of course, no opinion of the population can be derived from this – many apparently just let go of their frustration under the Facebook post. Only a few users state that they have no problem with the FFP2 mask requirement. For example, one user writes: “I like to wear the FFP2 mask, I don’t mind.”

More control – but criticism of poor communication

Some also think that more checks should be carried out on buses and trains to ensure that the regulation is being followed:

  • “Then please make sure that everyone wears a mask in the first place. Often enough people in the bus and train who are without a mask. “
  • “I hope that the mask requirement will be properly checked. I am annoyed by the idiots who let their noses hang out. “

What understandably annoys some about the measure is the short-term communication. The Ruhrbahn informed about the new rule on Friday afternoon – if you only find out about it on Saturday or even Sunday, you may have problems getting a corresponding FFP2 mask by the start of work on Monday.

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  • “A bit short-term, right? Can you announce earlier? “
  • “Especially at short notice. So many have problems getting air with the FFP2 and KN / N95, and how can you get new masks within 24 hours? “
  • “That’s too short-term for most of them.”

Less air through the FFP2 mask?

Fortunately, the masks can now also be bought at supermarkets or discounters; shopping in the more expensive pharmacies is no longer absolutely necessary. From the second comment, however, one more concern of the Ruhrbahn customers can already be heard: Especially on long journeys, some fear that they will not be able to breathe as well under the FFP2 masks than under the medical masks. The “Ärzteblatt” can at least take this worry away from them.


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In a study with lung patients, doctors carried out a stress test and found that the masks had no additional influence on the drop in oxygen saturation in the blood. In both groups – both those with and without the FFP2 mask – the values ​​corresponded to the expected drop due to exposure.

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Another user cannot understand why the frustration of the commentators is discharged at the Ruhrbahn of all places: “The Ruhrbahn is obliged to implement this law. They didn’t make that up themselves. That is why a large part of the criticism here goes to the completely wrong address. ”He can even take something positive from the whole thing:“ If the majority of the critics stick to his words and do not use the Ruhrbahn for the time being, I have nothing against it. More space for me. “(Dav)


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