The Madrid of Rocío Monastery, Vox candidate for the May 4 elections, is a dystopian world dominated by citizen insecurity, with a multitude of unaccompanied minors (the so-called menas) roaming freely while receiving huge amounts of public money and in which, as Don’t worry, they have squatted your house when you came back from the supermarket.

Monastery, which with a vehement style managed to star in several moments of the debate on Wednesday night, placed the main message of the campaign of the Santiago Abascal, whose motto is: “Protege Madrid”.

Hours after the controversy broke out over the poster in which the pension of a “grandmother” was compared, of just over 400 euros, with what each ore supposedly would receive from the Community of Madrid, which Vox figures at more than 4,000 euros per month, did not shy away from that delicate aspect, quite the opposite. Without any of his rivals having mentioned it, he brandished the poster of yore, while some of his contenders were heard exclaiming: “Oh mother!” or “well, the poster is there.”

The controversial interventions of Rocío Monasterio in the Telemadrid debate

The socialist candidate, Angel Gabilondo, with whom he was confronting at the time, reminded him that he had been appealed (twenty-four hours later a judge refused to withdraw him in a precautionary manner, as requested by the prosecutor) while attacking his “lack of humanity”.

Monastery, with the poster in hand, snapped at the leader of the PSOE that “inequality is that a pensioner has 426 euros, while the Community of Madrid pays 4,700 euros per month per square, this we have taken from the government agreements , and that is the great inequality. ” At that time, the candidate of Ciudadanos, Edmundo bal, he rhetorically questioned him about whether “with that poster you are going to carry, Mrs. Monastery, social policies.”

Monastery – just like the poster does – was very careful not to explicitly say that an ore earns a salary of 4,000 euros, although that is what many people have understood in recent days. The Community of Madrid itself has explained that it assists about four thousand minors (3,700) of which 260, 7%, would fall within the definition of unaccompanied minor, whose acronym generates a lot of controversy because it considers many sectors that it is a way of dehumanize those who are in Spain without family and live in reception centers.

Vox’s calculation, of which its parliamentary spokesperson, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, boasted on Wednesday to the vice president Carmen Calvo in the government control session, it is based on the total money allocated to these juvenile centers. An amount that includes, among other items, the maintenance of the centers themselves and the salary of their staff.

You squat while you do the shopping

Later in the debate, Monasterio referred to squatting in dramatic terms, drawing on a conversation that he claimed to have had with a woman in Ciudad Lineal (a district of the capital with several upper-middle-class neighborhoods) who, between sobs, explained He told him how when he came back from the supermarket “it turns out that they had occupied his house.”

A circumstance, he assured, that makes him “afraid of older ladies.” In that specific case, he specified, with a lady who had put “all her savings” in that house.

Monastery, at the end of the debate, with Ayuso in the background.


In another two moments, the Vox candidate caused a great commotion and retorts between outraged and ironic rivals, with wide echo on social networks and comments on the debate.

First when he snapped at the More Madrid candidate, Monica Garcia, an anesthetist by profession, that “I had to explain what Covid was”; and also when, he affirmed pointing out to his rivals that “none of those here have contributed as I have, for twenty years, to Social Security.”

Finally, he clarified that it was in the public company, while Bal reminded him of the professions of some of the progatonists of the debate, such as those of a university professor in Gabilondo and Pablo Iglesias and that of García’s doctor. The Podemos candidate could not suppress a laugh of complicity with what the Citizen representative was saying.

Fewer deputies and councilors

For the rest, Rocío Monasterio repeated ad nauseam the need to halve both the deputies of the Madrid Assembly and the regional government ministries, something with which, in her opinion, could solve the problem of financing the health system and the reinforcement of primary care.

He proposed a “vaccination plan” to vaccinate “two hundred thousand people a day”, which taking into account the population of the Community of Madrid, some six and a half million inhabitants, would make the entire population vaccinated in just one month .

The Vox candidate advocated eliminating all restrictions on mobility, despite the incidence of Covid. Which would include removing the curfew because, he bellowed, “we are here, without a mask, when the people of Madrid at eleven o’clock have to run back to their homes, as if they were criminals.” He even affirmed, addressing Isabel Diaz Ayuso, that the Madrid president “can do it.”

The curfew, with an hourly fork, is contemplated in the state of alarm decreed by the central government, in force until next May 9, five days after the elections to the Community of Madrid. An almost lawless territory, according to the diagnosis of Vox in campaign.


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