The panic !  Woman confuses her nail glue with her eye drops

Thursday, April 22, Yacedrah Williams contacted the emergency department in Detroit, Michigan, after mistakenly spraying her eye with nail glue.

A mistake that could have cost him his vision. Thursday April 22, Yacedrah Williams, a resident of Detroit in theIT’Stat du Michigan, woke up in the middle of the night with sore eyes, dry from her lenses that she had forgotten to remove. Without thinking, the American began to remove her lenses in the dark. In her bag, she then grabbed her eye drops, which she mechanically dribbled into her left eye. But by the time the gout hit her eye, Yacedrah understood her mistake: it wasn’t her eye drops that she was holding in her hand, it was nail glue.

“I was like ‘Oh my God!'”, she told Michigan television station WXYZ after the incident. “I dropped it in my eye and tried to remove it, but it stuck to my eye. I splashed water on it and tried to part my eyelids but couldn’t. They were completely stuck “, the Detroit resident recalled. Panicking, Yacedrah finally called her husband for help, who called for help. “She started to panic. I tried to stop her but I was like ‘Derrick, this is her eye, not yours’,” indicated the husband of the injured.

“They must have turned my eyelid”

Driven urgently to the hospital, Yacedrah Williams was taken care of without delay and the doctors managed to save his vision. They nevertheless explained that it had come very close to disaster. “They told me my lens saved my vision. They had to shoot it and turn my upper eyelid.”, said the Michigan, delighted that this mishap is now behind her. However, she draws a lesson from it: “I don’t think I’ll ever have nail glue again”, she joked into WXYZ’s microphone.

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