There are many kings, queens, princes and princesses who on occasion have confessed that they would have liked to dedicate themselves to something else if they had not belonged to royalty. And surely some of them would have many chores to fill the time they now dedicate to trips, commitments and official events. However, they always find a space in their busy schedules to distract themselves with that hobby or hobby that returns them for a few moments to earthly life far from protocols.

Margaret of Denmark

Margaret of Denmark is clear that she would have been an artist had she not been a queen. He is passionate about the world of design and clothing. She paints, embroiders and designs. In 2017 he created and produced the costumes and sets for the play The Nutcracker, which premiered in Copenhagen a year later. It was not the first time that the sovereign did something like this. In 2009, she was in charge of the scenery and costumes and even dared to play a small role as a peasant woman from Wild swans (From vilde svaner) He has seen his works of paintings exhibited in various Danish museums and is now going to share his own embroidery with the public. Some of them he still uses in his summer residence, Marselisbourg; others have been Christmas gifts, like the bag cover he made for Princess Mary personalized with her name. The sovereign is the one who draws the patterns themselves and who chooses the colors of the work. “It’s wonderful to be focused on something that I create with my own hands,” said Margarita from Denmark. The exhibition The embroidery of the Queen It can be visited until January 2, 2022 at Kongernes Samling Koldinghus.

Charles of England

Prince Charles visiting an exhibition in the Scottish town of Thurso, Scotland.Danny Lawson / CORDON PRESS

In addition to fashion, ecology and sustainability, the multifaceted interests of Prince Charles of England also include painting and in recent years he has become one of the most commercial artists in Great Britain. The eldest son of Elizabeth II enjoys painting landscapes in the open air. He does so during his ski holidays, stays at his mother-owned estates such as Balmoral and Sandrigham and during official trips. And it does it fast. A Clarence House spokesperson says he often finishes works in one sitting. The prince paints exclusively with watercolors, and never sells the originals, which he treasures in his family homes. The Prince of Wales takes his hobby very seriously. In a documentary he suggested that he regards the paintings as part of his vital legacy for generations to come. Although he has been painting for a long time, he did not start making money from his hobby until 1989, when the owner of the Belgravia gallery, Anna Hunter, discovered his work in a report in a Sunday magazine. He wrote him a letter proposing that he sell signed lithographs to raise money for his foundation and months later it all started.

Kate middleton

Before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton already practiced one of her great passions: photography. Since he joined the royal family, he has immortalized many of his official trips, which Buckingham then takes care of sharing. Like any mother, she enjoys photographing her three children, princes Jorge, Carlota and Luis, and on each of the children’s birthdays the images that are disseminated are always signed by the same author: Kate Middleton.

Naruhito from Japan

Princess Aiko of Japan and, on the right, her father, Emperor Naruhito, at a concert at Tokyo's Gakushuin University in 2013.
Princess Aiko of Japan and, on the right, her father, Emperor Naruhito, at a concert at Tokyo’s Gakushuin University in 2013.JAPAN POOL / AFP

One of the best known hobbies of Naruhito, Emperor of Japan, is classical music. He is a virtuoso playing string instruments and has participated in several concerts. A hobby that he infected his daughter, Princess Aiko. In 2013, a father and daughter demonstrated their musical prowess at a concert with the Gakishuin School Orchestra in Tokyo. Nauhito conquered the public with his skill playing the viola while Princess Aiko, then 12 years old, opted for a performance on the cello.

William of Luxembourg

William of Luxembourg and Countess Stéphanie Lannoy on arrival at the official reception at the Grand Theater of Luxembourg.
William of Luxembourg and Countess Stéphanie Lannoy on arrival at the official reception at the Grand Theater of Luxembourg.NICOLAS LAMBERT / AFP

In Europe there is another member of the virtuoso royalty of the instruments, although this time he does not differentiate between classical and modern music, since both are attracted to him. It is about Guillermo de Luxembourg, who plays the guitar, the violin and the piano. During his adolescence he was part of a rock group at his school. He is also passionate about Latin rhythms, surely influenced by his mother, the Grand Duchess María Teresa, who was born in Havana.

Queen sofia

Queen Sofia leaving the hospital with her sister, Princess Irene of Greece, in 2019.
Queen Sofia leaving the hospital with her sister, Princess Irene of Greece, in 2019.Borja B. Leaves / Getty Images

If there is something to which the queen emerita dedicates many hours, a lot of energy and true passion, it is ufology. Everything that has to do with UFOs and supernatural phenomena enthuses the mother of Felipe VI, who for many years has closely followed everything that is written and published about it. In 1975, when the writer and journalist JJ Benítez published his first book on this type of phenomenon, UFOs: SOS to Humanity, received a call from Doña Sofía who invited him to the palace to explain in person everything he knew on this subject. “I was in Zarzuela meeting with her and the still prince Juan Carlos. He kept asking: ‘Where do they come from?’, ‘What shape are they?’, ‘What are they like? Vanity fair in 2014. A hobby that has almost become an obsession, as Queen Sofia came to show so much interest in discovering the existence of UFOs that decades ago she managed to gain access to the secret files with UFO information that worked in the reserved archives of the Air Force.

Isabel II

Queen Elizabeth II of England greets one of her Corgi dogs in July 1999.
Queen Elizabeth II of England greets one of her Corgi dogs in July 1999.EPA

Queen Elizabeth II is a lover of dogs, especially corgi, typical of Great Britain. A hobby that began at age 18, in 1944, when he received as a birthday gift to Susan, the first of his line; Furthermore, he always saw these animals in his home, since his father, George VI, was also fond of them. Later he had up to 30 dogs, most of them descendants of the same, but now there was only one left, Candy, after what Vulcan died last December. Although the queen, passionate about horses and dogs, greatly enjoys these animals, it is true that she also suffers with their losses, and it had been known that she did not want to have more pets with her and that therefore Candy it would be the last. However, last March two more puppies joined the British family, Fergus Y Muick (pronounced mik): a dorgi the first (cross between corgi and dachshund) and a pure corgi the second, but they are not descendants of the originals, they have been bought or adopted.

Frederick of Denmark

Prince Frederick of Denmark, racing in Washington in 2016.
Prince Frederick of Denmark, racing in Washington in 2016.Riccardo S. Savi / Getty Images

The son of Queen Margaret is a great fan of sports and adventure. Whenever he can, he practices some of his favorite disciplines, among which is athletics. Frederick of Denmark has participated in several Hombre de Hierro and marathons, he was part of the elite corps of divers in the Danish navy, he sails and has traveled North Greenland on a dogsled expedition. In 2018 he celebrated his 50th birthday at the Royal Run, a series of five races across various cities across the country with 70,000 Danes enrolled.

Charlène from Monaco

Princess Charlène of Monaco and Prince Albert, last September.
Princess Charlène of Monaco and Prince Albert, last September.Pool / ABACA / GTRES

But if any royal She is a professional athlete in her own right this is Charlène from Monaco. Before settling in the principality after her wedding to Prince Albert in 2011, the South African swimmer represented her country at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. In addition, he has won a large number of national and international championships and is still active today. Last September she participated in the third edition of The Crossing: Calvi-Monaco Water Bike Challenge and was the winner of the water bike crossing between the islands of Corsica and the coasts of the Principality, a total of 180 kilometers of distance that she made in 22 hours .

William of Holland

King William of the Netherlands, right, in the cockpit of a KLM plane, with pilot Maarten Putman.
King William of the Netherlands, right, in the cockpit of a KLM plane, with pilot Maarten Putman.NATASCHA LIBBERT / AFP

Just as Carlos of England could earn a living with his paintings, Guillermo of the Netherlands is very clear about what he would do if he were not the king of the Netherlands: pilot. On more than one occasion, Máxima de Holanda’s husband has stated that had he not been born a prince, he would have liked to be an aviation pilot. In fact, he has a license for regular lines, for jet planes and for warplanes. He tries to fly at least twice a month and always does so with the company KLM, the Dutch airline.

Elena of Bourbon and Magdalena of Sweden

Elena De Borbon, at the Casas Novas Equestrian Center in A Coruña in 2018.
Elena De Borbon, at the Casas Novas Equestrian Center in A Coruña in 2018.Iago Lopez / GTRES

Among royal women, horse riding is a popular hobby as they often practice horse riding from a young age. This is the case of Princess Magdalena of Sweden, who learned to ride at the age of four and competed in equestrian events. Something that the Infanta Elena, sister of Felipe VI, also did in Spain, who still has a passion for these animals and this sport and continues to practice it whenever she can. In 2017 she was proclaimed runner-up of Spain in Amateur Jumping at the Villa de Madrid Country Club.

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