After one year of coming back to life, Miriam Cabrera, the woman who played dead after her ex-partner stabbed her several times in order to save her son who was on his way home from school, struggles to “survive the administration ”-he says- that since then, it has only put obstacles in the way of granting him the aid that corresponds to him as a victim of gender violence and declaring him incapacitated.

It was on March 11 when Miriam managed to get out of her apartment, in Icod de los Vinos, crawling out into the street, with part of her intestines in her hand. It was some workers from the street cleaning service who immediately called the ambulance, the Local Police and the Civil Guard to attend to her.

His case is more than known but it is worth remembering to demonstrate all the administrative difficulties that he encounters in his wake, even though he resisted four weeks in a coma, underwent two operations and a catheterization, and had to reconstruct his intestines, sew his neck, the liver, spleen and duodenum.
A year later, they still have not granted him the disability, despite the fact that it is impossible to work because the pain is unbearable.

She requested it on one occasion and was denied it, arguing that “she had affective, adaptive and ideopathic etiology disorder” (it means that the reason for her symptoms is not known) and only 15% have given her a grade, which enables her to return to the world of work.

He presented an appeal to the assessment of the medical court of the team of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Disability Assessment Center and the response, received on April 12 and from the same professional, was similar, that he only has one adaptive disorder and another of affectivity, without known cause.

The only thing they recognize on a physical level are scars, although they did not even mention her personally, and therefore, no doctor saw her. “Nor do they mention that they are surgical scars, where there is an injury underneath, because it is not the same as a scratch,” he clarifies.

Tired of bureaucratic hurdles, Miriam has decided that she will begin the path through the courts. You know it’s time consuming and expensive, but you don’t decline to do it for your child. Nor to be granted the aid that corresponds to him as a victim of gender violence since he cannot work due to the consequences that the aggression has left him and he does not receive income from the rent he had from two homes as a result of Covid-19.

The Canarian Women’s Institute decided a couple of weeks ago that you are entitled to a single payment of 5,400 euros “for the year that has passed since I applied for it” but nothing else corresponds to it “and today they have not even received it. admitted, therefore, there is no rush ”, he ironizes.

The Deputy of the Common was also interested in his case. Specifically, from the Women’s area, in January, it asked the medical court for a report that shows what it is based on to say that it does not have any disability and is still waiting. But the good intentions have remained in that step, since their medical court file has been closed since March 22 and notified on the 12th of this month, “and they did not even know it.”

Miriam has already requested a public defender, a step that she knows can take between one and three months. Then you have to start fighting to file an appeal through the courts and start a new process, but you are not going to let yourself be defeated because you believe that your fight is more than fair. “A court is not the administration, it is a completely independent body and it is supposed to be impartial.” At least in the books that she is studying in her second year of law.

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