Tamara and her two children, aged nine and two, will be evicted next Tuesday

She started working as a waitress when she became pregnant at the age of 17 with her eldest daughter, who is now nine. When the little boy, who is currently two years old, arrived, she was already separated and the salary was not enough for everything, so in 2019 she agreed to enter a Santa Maria del Mar of which the previous inhabitant, a person from his environment, gave him the key. Now a vulture background called Gramina Homes claims ownership of the apartment, a third on Calle Columbrete, in Santa María del Mar (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Next Tuesday the eviction of this 27-year-old mother and her two children, the nine-year-old girl and the two-year-old little one. Her name is Tamara and she is another of the victims of a scourge that lashes out more and more canaries: the real impossibility of being able to afford a roof under which to shelter their loved ones.

Born in this popular Santa Cruz neighborhood in 1994, it is soon perceived that Tamara There is no shortage of arrests to face life’s setbacks, insurmountable as they may seem. She managed to raise her eldest daughter with her job as a waitress, despite suffering some labor abuse (she was fired by WhatsApp and was not terminated).

At that time, without a job, with 300 euros unemployed and the little one recently arrived, the young woman could no longer afford the expenses and entered the house on Columbrete Street, and soon found a new job.

But everything changed for the worse with the pandemic. In March of last year, the confinement returned her to the ranks of the unemployed and she ended up as a beneficiary of the Canary Islands Insertion Benefit, but the nightmare was just beginning.

“In the middle of the pandemic they knocked on my door to hand me the eviction papers and the truth is that at first I thought I could avoid it,” he recalls, before acknowledging how he lives with the threat of ending up on the street with his children. “As time goes by, you see yourself with one foot inside and one outside, and there are days when it gets worse. I have always been about getting ahead, I think that everything has to be done one, but sometimes it is not possible. It has been a terrible year. It was everything, the dismissal, the pandemic, the eviction notice, the 300 euros of unemployment… ”. He is motivated, of course, by the well-being of his children, who “are the most important thing and have to remain oblivious to these problems.”

Tamara also remembers the support given by her family. “The father was there, the family, the friends … Not financially anymore, but even psychologically they help me to support myself,” he says.

The eviction of this young woman and her two children had a date for last January, but “thanks to the Social Services of the City Council it was paralyzed, but only for three months”, a deadline that is met just next Tuesday, and with little hope of another postponement.

By the favor of a friend and with the municipal support, who helps her with the rent, Tamara and the two children will have a new roof over the next six months. As he finalizes the move, he reflects: “I have bought time, but with what I earn now, which has resulted in a three-hour contract, who is going to rent me anything? If they even ask for guarantees ”, this mother asks herself, who, despite everything, smiles and does not give up:“ What do I have left? Keep fighting”.

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