Friday 23 April 2021, the adventure of Koh-Lanta, the Secret Weapons was marked by two new eliminations! Indeed, Shanice on the one hand did not stand up to the Council and Mathieu lost during an immunity test, which caused his immediate departure. Near Purepeople, the 29-year-old Corsican pruner traced his journey.

How do you feel when you are eliminated?

Already, when we arrive on the test, I know that it will heat up for my buttocks. Because the static tests are not at all my thing and in addition when Denis announces that the first to fall has a disadvantage, I tell myself that it smells like scorching.

What do you think of Jonathan’s choice to make you face your friend Thomas in a duel? Do you understand ?

Even before he opened his mouth, I knew he was going to choose Thomas and it did not fail. I would have done exactly the same. I would have put the closest people face to face to break morale, because it was war between them, the Reds, and us, the Yellows. Even though there was a lot of respect, it was war. I am a player and you have to accept. You have to win like a man but lose like a man. That’s why when he says it, I don’t hold it against him at all.

You had made an alliance with Thomas, Shanice and Myriam. How did this four-way bond come about? What were Flavio and Vincent’s places?

It is true that we had our hard core. Shanice was my partner from the start and Myriam was Thomas’ partner. And it happened naturally. Afterwards, Shanice and Myriam were like ass and shirt and Thomas, everyone knows he was my brother from the adventure. We have gone through such hard things with the Yellow people. This is where I think the bond between us was born. There were the others too, Vincent, Flavio and Aurélien. We were a large group at the base but there are always groups in the group. But I said from the start: we blow up the Reds one by one, even after reunification. Let there not be one who votes against a Yellow. It was “we save the Yellows”.

Vincent finally voted against an ex-Jaune during the council, namely Shanice, because he had given his word to Maxine and Laure during the meeting of the ambassadors. You who seem to be a man of your word, do you understand Vincent’s choice?

You always have to keep your word, but your first word was to the Yellows. So, inevitably, I do not accept, even if he surely had his reasons. I wish I had been there because I don’t think it would have turned out like this. So no, I don’t understand his choice. As long as a Yellow your against a Yellow, I wouldn’t understand, whatever the reasons. We haven’t seen each other since (with Vincent, editor’s note) but when we see each other face to face, obviously we will talk about it. I want to hear his explanations.

During the comfort test, you upset Laetitia by explaining that you break her arrow for lack of affinity with her. What do you think of his feelings?

Apparently, she lived it very badly but she prefers what? A lie that pleases or a truth that hurts? This is not the world of Care Bears, there were two mothers, I was certainly not going to break their arrows, and after that there were only Yellows and the person I was least close to was her. So I broke her arrow and it’s a very logical choice, everyone understood that except her but that won’t stop me from sleeping.

You are assumed to be impulsive and your behavior has sometimes annoyed your comrades. How do you respond to them?

I understand them completely because it’s not easy to have me on a daily basis so on the island H24, it must be complicated (laughs). But I also think that everyone got attached to me because my name was never put out in a strategy, nobody voted against me. I am “attaching”. In addition to that, as the adventure progresses, we see that I am improving.

You had also put water in your wine in front of Myriam after yelling that you had “a team of goats” …

She came, she explained things to me nicely and I understood. I apologized for it when I never would have done it before. It was Miriam in addition, someone very close so I knew how to listen to her, I improved. I keep my character but I think at the end it was not as hard as at the beginning. They saw very quickly that they had someone sincere.

What was the hardest part for you at camp?

Obviously, the food, the night, the rain, the waiting … It was interminable at night because I was not sleeping. So I was thinking about my life in Corsica, my friends … That’s what I missed the most.

You seem to lose weight visibly, how many pounds have you lost? Did you pick them up quickly?

Yes I melt like snow in the sun! I think I lost between 8 and 10 kilos. Once the adventure is over, you should not eat anything because the body is no longer used to it. But we quickly regain the pounds, in general it is 1 kg every two days. I took the opportunity to stop eating badly, sodas etc … and behind I resumed sport thoroughly. It was beneficial.

After long days in survival mode, bed and food are lacking. What was your first gesture on your return?

As soon as I got home I called all my friends, I couldn’t tell them that I had participated in Koh-Lanta, I told them that I had gone to Panama and I continued in my lie. But just being with them, having found my mother, it made me feel good.

Participate in Koh-Lanta turns a life upside down. Some separate from their spouse, others change jobs … How has the adventure changed your daily life?

In my daily life, no, I am someone who has never changed but I have improved in a good way. It’s true that going back to real life is complicated, there is a time to adapt and you can be out of step with people in everyday life. I was already a quirky person (laughs).

We learned that candidates from your edition were from the season canceled in 2019, such as Aurélien for example. Is this your case as well? How many times have you applied?

Not at all. Me it was just the second time that I participated in the casting of Koh-Lanta, the first time it didn’t work, then bingo.

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