Hair loss: how to detect one of man's greatest fears and what to do to stop it

As much as the years and trends go by, or as they try to convince us of how sexy a bald spot can be, hair loss continues to be one of the great concerns of men all over the planet, in general, and of our country in particular. The different studies on hair loss suggest that this problem especially affects Spaniards: 42% of our male population has, to a greater or lesser extent, alopecia problems. Other data put the finger on the sore even more: Spain is the second country in the world with the highest incidence of baldness, only surpassed by the Czech Republic, according to a Tripadvisor study supported by The American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

The bad news, therefore, is that it is a problem that affects or will affect approximately half of the men in Spain at some point in their lives. But there is also, of course, another good part: there are ways to prevent it and to stop it. You just have to be attentive to the signals that our hair sends us, know how to detect them and, if they arrive, act on time. But, before remedying, we must know what the problem consists of and be able to identify if it is affecting us.

Why do we lose hair?

Hair loss is a biological process that affects most mammals differently. Hair grows for a certain time to end up shedding its hair follicle, that part of the skin that is under the scalp and that concentrates the cells that our hair generates, and then repeating the same process. In the case of humans, it happens on a score of occasions throughout life, and is also conditioned by a series of factors, from our genetics, hormonal issues, diet, stress or scalp diseases. Therefore, finding hair on the work table, in the comb or in the shower does not mean that all the alarms have to be turned on automatically. The question here is the quantity.

The barrier that dermatologists have established to determine when there is real hair loss is a minimum of 100 hairs a day. As keeping track of how many are shed is not only an impossible task, but it would generate greater stress that could have even worse consequences, the most effective thing is to remain attentive to a possible increase in the volume that we lose daily, for example, in our clothes or the pillow.

Another symptom that can also alert us is the density of the hair. This may be due to temporary situations related to food or stress, but they are signs that we must take into account. If we see that this hair loss continues, it is time to act.

Genetics are one of the factors in hair loss, but not the only one. Pilexil

I have started to lose hair, will I be able to get it back?

It is the big question we ask ourselves when we observe a real hair loss. Is it reversible? Is there a way to regain the lost thicket? And here an early detection will be our best ally. The follicles, as we explained before, have a limited number of cycles in which they regenerate each of our hairs, so it depends on their health that our hair continues to be populated. That is why the treatment must begin as soon as we detect a significant loss of hair, to avoid exhausting the cycles of our follicles. So the answer to the question is yes, if you start on time.

The first thing we can do is look at our own body. Are we following a proper diet? Do we sleep well? Are we going through a stressful situation? These factors can accelerate the rate of hair loss and help make it irreversible. Trying to change these harmful lifestyle habits should be a priority for us.

In healthy hair, hair grows an average of one centimeter per month.
In healthy hair, hair grows an average of one centimeter per month..

How can I prevent hair loss?

A change in lifestyle helps, but it is not definitive when it comes to curbing hair loss. Adding a treatment is key to improving the condition of our follicles and stopping the process as soon as possible. For this we can use anti-hair loss shampoos, such as Pilexil shampoo, which is recommended for all types of hair loss and is unisex, as well as anti-hair loss lotions such as Pilexil ampoules and Pilexil spray forte. Pilexil has a wide range of products suitable for each situation. Among its products it has ampoules, shampoos, spray and capsules. What’s more, Pilexil is one of the few brands that has a normal range of products for incipient, specific and non-chronic hair loss, and a Forte range also with different products for intense hair loss, or with a chronic tendency.

This treatment can also be complemented with Pilexil Capsules, Pilexil Forte and Pilexil Strensia capsules; the latter for the most stressful life rhythms. These food supplements for hair provide ingredients such as Biotin and Zinc, which help us maintain hair, as well as L-Cystine, an amino acid that is part of the hair structure. All these products nourish the hair and help maintain it.

Any result in curbing hair loss must take into account that it is a process that requires time and patience. To get an idea, in healthy hair, hair grows an average of one centimeter per month. The most visible results will only be seen after 12 weeks. With that perseverance and having detected the problem in time, we can avoid one of our greatest aesthetic fears and continue to wear healthy hair.

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