“With this Iglesias, no,” said Ángel Gabilondo Exactly a month ago, as soon as the electoral pre-campaign began and after the unexpected disembarkation of the leader of United We Can in the 4-M race. “Pablo, we have 12 days to win the elections”, the PSOE candidate told himself in the debate last Wednesday.

And in between, there was nothing. Nothing to justify the turn, it is understood. But according to PSOE sources, the head of the list will now coordinate his campaign with that of the purple ones and with More Country so that “what one does not win, the other will win.” For the first time, they stand out, the left “with its different roles, is coordinated in a campaign”.

Why’s that? Has the former vice president changed something, has he relaxed his messages, avoided insults? No, who has changed has been Gabilondo, completed his first stage, and “harvested 45,000 votes” from the fled Citizens.

The sources of his campaign consulted by this newspaper obviated the criticism for the debate, of which the professor did not come out well. And they are, not only satisfied with the panorama that the CIS was drawing at noon on Thursday -the left would be closer to the sum of 69 deputies-, but with the development of the campaign.

A key detail

As explained by the surroundings of Gabilondo, the location to Monica Garcia already Pablo Iglesias it kept a key detail. And it was very clear. She was summoned to rule together. To him, to what support that “progressive bet”. And who wants to understand …

In any case, the socialist leader believes that the step taken will serve to “further expand the space of the left versus the ultra right”, as the sources explain. Launching this offer at this point in the campaign, they say, was planned as long as Ciudadanos did what it has done. The Gabilondo environment affirms that the candidacy of Edmundo bal he has condemned “excluding himself by publicly supporting only a new government with Ayuso.”

Bal has said no to Gabilondo. But worse were the reactions this Thursday on the other ideological front. “The worst thing about Gabilondo are his lurching“, they affirmed in the PP.” He disguises himself with lambskin, but the PSOE will give his votes communism“, they pointed in Vox.

Meanwhile, until recently the very powerful partner of Pedro Sánchez was content to be the fifth force in the Assembly because Gabilondo’s words “reinforce the role of United We Can as an essential force for the unity of the left.” It’s funny that the most beaten candidate after the debate was the author of the phrase that defined him. And that Iglesias, the leader of the promises to be the last parliamentary force, boast of it.

Second stage

But they are all in their role, now definitely distributed. The campaign is advancing and now it is time, according to socialist sources, to mobilize all the left. “In this first phase of the campaign between 5% and 7% of Cs votes have been captured from that side that they do not see well that a government of Ayuso is reissued and they trust Gabilondo, “they explain from the PSOE.

And if his analysis is to be believed, those 45,000 votes of the most captured from the center mean a couple of seats, because “the deputy in Madrid is about 21,000 votes”.

In this second phase, the logical sequence defined by the chief ideologue of Moncloa – where Gabilondo’s campaign is being cooked – indicates that now it is time to ask for the support “of the socialists, of the progressive, of the democrats and of the Cs voters disappointed. “

Because the PSOE starts from the evidence that there are only two possible presidents, Gabilondo or Ayuso. And that Bal’s list no longer counts. Thus, showing that to the electorate that goes from Podemos to the most social democratic soul of Ciudadanos, 200,000 voters can still be mobilized “That we are already beginning to see in the polls,” they say.

Therefore, the survey data flash published this Thursday by the CIS of José Félix Tezanos are perfectly coordinated with the feeling in Ferraz that there is already “an advantage to consolidate”. And that happens through mobilization

According to Gabilondo’s environment, “the debate was won by the left for the left.” And that is opening “in the collective imagination” the true possibility of a progressive coalition government in Madrid as of March 4.


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