The two wheels, allied in the sustainable mobility of cities

Two-wheeled vehicles are already one of the best options when it comes to making short or medium-distance trips, with special relevance in cities. Out of every ten vehicles that circulate in Spain, one is already a motorcycle or scooter, according to the report The two wheels in Spain, signed by the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheel Sector (ANESDOR). This aspect of mobility gains followers every day thanks, among other factors, to the fact that its characteristics play in favor of sustainability.

According to the French environmental agency (ADEME), motorcycles emit 50% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than other motorized vehicles powered by fossil fuels. In addition, the comfort of having a light vehicle meant that, in 2019, their registrations exceeded the 200,000 units for the first time since 2008.

In the sector of ecological vehicles, the presence of electric motorcycles does not stop growing. According to ANESDOR, in 2019 a total of 12,225 motorcycles powered by electricity were registered; in 2020, electric models accounted for 7.8% of the global market – compared to 1% of cars with similar characteristics -, with an increase in sales of more than 30% compared to the previous year. Focusing on a specific month, in August 2020, 275 electric motorcycles were registered in Spain, with an increase of more than 240% compared to the registrations that were made in the same month of the previous year.

7.8% of motorcycle registrations in Spain were electric models in 2020; the number of cars was only 1%.

The electric option for two wheels has caught on in Spain much faster than within the automotive sector due to several facts. The first one is that it is a much more oriented alternative to urban mobility, which makes the autonomy of this type of vehicle not as relevant as in the case of cars.

The advantage of the free mobility in cities like Madrid, following measures aimed at improving air quality. The implementation of the low emission zone Central Madrid It has meant the application of limitations for vehicles that do not meet a series of environmental conditions.

In parallel, during 2019 and perhaps in response to this initiative, it was precisely in the capital where the motorcycle industry grew the most: according to ANESDOR, the presence of this type of vehicle increased 22.4% compared to the previous year, compared to 7.3% in Catalonia or 12% in Andalusia.

Keys to growth

The greater presence of electric motorcycles in Spain lies in an increasingly notable social change. According to the study The network of change: consumers facing the challenge of sustainable recovery, released by Wallapop and Ipsos in 2020, 83% of Spaniards now trust the impact of their actions on society, something that is transferred to the environmental perspective. Getting an electric vehicle is a step in favor of the planet that is in the hands of the general user, and this increase responds to purchase actions that have valued, among other characteristics, the sustainable aspect.

These types of motorcycles add the environmental benefits to the mobility facilities intrinsic to these vehicles, such as the contribution to the decongestion of traffic in cities, the reduction of travel times and the economic savings that they suppose so much at the time of acquiring them as in their maintenance.

Even with a conventional motorcycle, the reduction of 50% to 70% of the time spent on the same route With respect to another medium, it also leads to a shorter time emitting polluting gases into the atmosphere, according to ANESDOR.

In addition to the advantages of outside doors, it is proven that having an electric motorcycle also helps to save money. According to Next Electric Motors, a combustion motorcycle needs around 5 euros to travel 100 kilometers, while an electric covers that same distance for just 30 cents.

In addition, the saving in maintenance is added, as it is much simpler; and the different bonuses on the payment of registration and circulation tax, which make your purchase much more affordable today than a few years ago.


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