Football and politics, worth the redundancy

The political leaders From several European countries, and even from the Community institutions, they have been demonstrating for several days how much they like to take advantage of any matter. It will be difficult to find an article of the Spanish Constitution or the Treaty of the Union that establishes the competence of governments to organize professional sports competitions or to dismantle them at their roots, as is the case with the Superliga that Florentino Pérez has invented with well-known success. The political leaders launched into the plate to establish a position on an issue on which, of course, they can have an opinion like any fan, but in which it is not so clear that it is up to them to decide or influence.

Naturally, any private activity – and professional football is – is subject to general regulations and, in this case, it would be necessary to analyze whether this Super League would comply with the legal requirements. There is, in principle, no reason to believe that it is not. The problem has more to do with the risk that this new structure poses for older and more stagnant ones, whose top managers aspire to continue being so.

“The founders aspired to clean up their accounts punished by the pandemic, but also by pharaonic projects”

Some seem to have now discovered that professional sport is not made up of NGOs, but rather private businesses. And private companies are in the habit of making money, if they can. And the more the merrier. The ‘magnificent twelve’ who started the Super League project are an example of greed as remarkable as the one that UEFA and FIFA have been giving for decades. Leaders of these organizations such as Joseph Blatter, Michel Platini or the Spanish Ángel María Villar have finished in court and, in some cases, behind bars. And it is easy to find information on what economic and political entanglements ended with the concession of the next World Cup to Qatar.

A Chelsea fan with a poster of Florentino Pérez calling him a criminal

The Super League was intended to be an instrument for earn as much money as possible without depending on the structures, always suspicious, of the national, European and world federations. And the founders aspired to clean up their accounts punished by the pandemic, but also by pharaonic projects such as galactic stadiums whose budget exceeds the collection capacity of football. Especially if it is intended, at the same time, to pay for the best sports venue in the world and sign the two most expensive strikers of the moment. Or resurrect the dying accounts of historic clubs, ruined by the unaffordable salary expenses of the football players. Only with the Champions these accounts do not come out.

As in family finances, when there is not enough money, there are two options: or enter more or -Maybe this is the most immediate solution- less is spent.


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