Analysis |  Strengths, weaknesses and the keys of the candidates in Madrid, who won the electoral debate?

The first debate, and for now the only one, among the candidates to preside over the Community of Madrid as of May 5 this Wednesday aroused great interest. For more than two hours, the heads of the list of the six political parties with representation in the Madrid Assembly exchanged views, launched proposals and also exchanged criticism.

Each candidate knew how to assert himself in some aspects, but faltered in others … Journalists Diego Carcedo and Belén Molleda, as well as Manuel Mostaza, political scientist and director of Public Affairs of Atrevia, analyze for 20minutos the strengths, weaknesses and the general feeling left by the candidates after the debate.


Manuel Mostaza, political scientist and director of Public Affairs at Atrevia.

Angel Gabilondo

Strengths. Educated, he tried to bring measure to the debate and set his own profile with respect to his opponents on the left.

Weak points. He was not comfortable in the debate and did not manage to confront the president as leader of the opposition.

Balance general. A gray debate that will not serve to mobilize the abstentionists on the left or to attract the old voters of Ciudadanos before their list to the left.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

Strengths. As during the campaign, he marked part of the agenda and created a framework that forced his adversaries to position themselves.

Weak points. On the defensive in many phases of the debate.

Balance general. She emerged gracefully from the debate, which is what the presidency can most often aspire to: they have a lot to lose and little to gain.

Edmundo bal

Strengths. He defended the management of Ciudadanos in the Government and credibly presented himself as the alternative center.

Weak points. In a polarized debate, it was not easy for him to set his own profile nor did he manage to occupy a leading media space.

Balance general. He was correct, but it does not seem that with his performance he can plug the bloodletting of votes that his party is suffering.

Monica Garcia

Strengths. He knew how to confront the president and exercise the leadership of the opposition in criticizing the government.

Weak points. He did not land too much on the proposals of his program, which suffered from specificity and seemed vague and not very specific.

Balance general. One of the winners of the debate, she clearly surpassed her rivals in the field of the left and knew how to present herself as an alternative.

Rocío Monastery

Strengths. He simplified his message to try to lead the debate and grab a role that was difficult at the beginning.

Weak points. The president did not want to confront her in almost the entire debate and it is in that confrontation that she could win the most votes for the right wing of the PP.

Balance general. With a bland intervention, yesterday’s debate is not going to serve to capture votes from the disenchanted Citizens or the PP.

Pablo Iglesias

Strengths. He is comfortable in this type of debate because he communicates well and knows how to retain his own.

Weak points. He did not lead the debate, nor did he manage to confront the president, nor could he vindicate his management in the Government of the nation

Balance general. One of the losers of the night, his goal was to overcome Más Madrid and he did not achieve it.


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Angel Gabilondo

Strengths: He made it clear that he was the one who attended the elections: “I am not Sánchez, I am Gabilondo and I will present myself.”

Weak points: He tiptoed past taxes.

Balance general: He showed himself as a government alternative and surprised by turning his position on Iglesias, with whom he was willing to agree despite having defended the opposite days ago.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

Strengths: When she claimed that she had faced Covid-19 alone while the others were engaged in disqualifying.

Weak points: However, she also used disqualifications.

Balance general: She was more involved in the economic bloc, in which she defended the opening of the hotel business, making it clear that her rival was Sánchez. He grew up face to face with Iglesias.

Edmundo bal

Strengths: When he asked Ayuso if what he wanted was “the miracle government or the nonsense of Vox.”

Weak points: He was unsettled when Monastery reproached him for Cs’s motion of censure: “don’t call me a traitor again.”

Balance general: He has shown Ciudadanos as a moderate party, far from tension, and as an alternative to a pact between PP and Vox.

Monica Garcia

Strengths: From the beginning of the debate, he made it clear that his opponent was Ayuso, whom he said was “the president neither nor: neither health nor economy.”

Weak points: In the health block, she was precisely the one that was most insecure despite her condition as a doctor.

Balance general: He grew as the debate went on and he showed himself to be a coherent person in politics.

Rocío Monastery

Strengths: In accordance with his party’s strategy, he has shown emigration as a problem and as an offense to policies for the elderly.

Weak points: It has not shelled concrete proposals.

Balance general: He has avoided entering the debate with Ayuso at all times and has spent most of his time confronting Iglesias, whom he has positioned as a clear adversary.

Pablo Iglesias

Strengths: He hinted that a pact with the PSOE was taken for granted in the event that he governed.

Weak points: He has been seen as insecure and uncomfortable in the various face-to-face events with Ayuso.

Balance general: He has used a moderate tone in his interventions, in which he avoided confronting the left, while launching the odd proposal, such as free dentists.


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When you have a political debate, you always end up asking who won and, of course, who was defeated. It has a lot of personal appreciation. The disputed last night between the candidates for the presidency of Madrid was animated at times and the rest were mediocre. The hasty conclusion is that he offered moments and details for all criteria, with serious accusations, insults and zero coincidences. The best that can be said is that it was neither brilliant nor frustrated with viewers.

Angel Gabilondo

Strengths: The denunciation of the hunger lines and those that exist in the Community. The refusal to raise taxes.

Weak points: The attacks on the Government of Pedro Sánchez and particularly of Rocío Monasterio.

Balance: He maintained at all times his moderate tone, but combative in his arguments. He did not allow himself to be infected by the excitement of others nor did he flinch at any time. His speech showed good sense and intellectual height.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

Strong points: When you tried to explain your policy to preserve jobs and save the economy by limiting measures against the pandemic.

Weak points: The multiple criticisms argued that sometimes left her without answers.

Balance: He opted for silence and avoided melee. Her image remained very eclipsed in part of the debate. The controversy that her government arouses forced her to stop the demagoguery that she uses in other public events.

Edmundo bal

Strengths: He defended the actions of his colleagues in the governments in which they participate and safely maintained the arguments of centrism.

Weak points: Intervene on behalf of a party in low hours without clear plans for the future.

Balance general: He was the newest, and inexperienced and unknown. But he was surprised by his brilliance in the exhibitions. He maintained clear equidistant positions. Revealed leader wood.

Monica Garcia

Strengths: Criticisms of Ayuso’s health management and the need to improve it.

Weak points: Total polarization of health policy.

Balance general: Combative and brilliant at times. Very nervous at certain times and relentless in her criticism. It was revealed as a leader to be reckoned with in the future.

Rocío Monastery

Strengths: The denunciation of the insecurity that he attributes to migrants and specifically to the “menas”.

Weak points: The continuous interruptions without precise arguments that slowed down the debate.

Balance general: More restrained than the hard line of his party. Permanent accusations to the left. Condescending towards Ayuso with the measure that it imposes on him not to compromise the pact that they may have to agree on.

Pablo Iglesias

Strong point: The profusion of data with which he attacked Ayuso.

Weak point: Lack of attention to nursing homes and the defense of tax increases.

Balance: Combative in some moments, but incoherent in others. At all times, he adopted moderate, infrequent attitudes.


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